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Posted on October 17, 2023

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Transferring to a new university can be a big adjustment, but UNC Greensboro continues to help transfer students find their way. Several  students share their experiences and their advice to others looking to make the move.

Alexis Kirkland

Alexis Kirkland

Major: Elementary Education

Where did you transfer from? Eastern Michigan University

Why UNCG? I wanted to get out of Michigan. I didn’t want to live there the rest of my life; I wanted to travel and explore. I found UNCG and it is so welcoming.

What advice would you give? Don’t be so hard on yourself. When I transferred, I was so hard on myself thinking that I wasn’t making friends quickly or wasn’t fitting in. But it can take some time to figure out your place at a university. Be gentle and be accepting.

Pooja Tadepalli

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in management

Pooja Tadepali smiles

Where did you transfer from? University of Groningen in the Netherlands and Portland Community College

Why UNCG? I chose UNCG because of the University’s commitment to service as service is important to me. I wanted to attend a university where that ideology is woven into student’s everyday lives.

What advice would you give? Put yourself out there! I know it sounds cliché but there really is a space and community for everyone here if you’re willing to step a little outside your comfort zone to find it. The other thing I would say is to lean into your differences, they add new perspective to the spaces you occupy and that can be valuable to the learning experience.

Daniela Campbell

Daniela Campbell smiles in a selfie

Major: Spanish

Where did you transfer from? Guilford Technical Community College

Why UNCG? Affordability and accessibility! As a commuter student, I wanted a diverse university that would feel like home without incurring student loan debt.

Have grace for yourself in your first semester! Courses aside, there is a lot to adjust to as a transfer student, like campus life, extracurricular activities, and navigating campus. Utilize as many resources as possible and go at your own pace

Quinn Jenkins

Quinn Jenkins

Major: Biology with a minor in chemistry (on a Pre-Med track)

Where did you transfer from? Wake Technical Community College

Why UNCG? I chose UNCG based off of a few criteria that were important to me. I needed a school that was affordable because, even though I work full time, I do not want to be stuck with more debt than necessary, especially with the possibility of needing to take out much more loans for medical school in the future. I also needed a school that was at least somewhat close to Raleigh, which is where I work and live. Finally, I chose UNCG because they are a well known and respected University, and they have a very high rate of social mobility for low income students.

What advice would you give? Many transfer students, such as myself come from technical colleges, which are amazing and affordable schools, but in my experience the classes at a four-year University can be structured a bit differently and sometimes are a bit more difficult. I would absolutely recommend going to your professor’s office hours, joining class study groups, and joining programs such as the Transfer2Transfer mentorship program in order to make the adjustment less jarring. It is helpful to know that you have a team behind you that is willing to help you if you are falling behind or need advice.

Brianna Francis

Brianna Francis in a selfie

Major: Business Administration

Where did you transfer from? Southern New Hampshire University

Why UNCG? My mentor is a UNCG alumna and spoke very highly of the University. I hope to follow in her footsteps. 

You will love UNCG!

Story by Avery Craine Powell, University Communications
Photography by David Lee Row, University Communications
Additional photography courtesy of Pooja Tadepalli, Brianna Francis, Quinn Jenkins, and Daniela Campbell

Two students sit on a blanket on the UNCG lawn and laugh while they crochet.

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