Cool Majors: Information Science

Posted on October 23, 2023

UNCG Lecturer Lisa Barron at the front of a classroom teaching students.

Information science (IS) addresses the needs of a world where we can feel overwhelmed by all the data at our fingertips. Dr. Lisa O’Connor, associate professor and chair of library and information science, developed the program within the School of Education to teach students how to organize information and make it accessible to people, communities, companies, and other organizations. 

She says, “In the same way that librarianship was a response to industrialization and new technology like the printing press, information science emerged because we’re producing information faster than we could ever have imagined.”

Job Prospects

The power behind this major is its applicability to just about any industry. For this reason, Dr. T. Zachary Frazier, program coordinator, says that most students are finding jobs within three to six months of graduation.  

Businesses need workers who are adept at working with data, including data that is open-sourced or classified. Employers of our graduates include: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield 
  • Norfolk Southern Railway 
  • Library of Congress 
  • Libraries and schools  
  • Non-profit organizations 
Students sit around a classroom table at UNCG with their laptops.

“IS speaks to students who want to work for nonprofits and be changemakers in their community, because we’re oriented toward how information serves to promote equity.

– Dr. Lisa O’Connor


There are four concentrations to choose from in UNCG’s IS program: geographic information systems (GIS), information analytics, training and development, and organizational and community informatics. Students can take the following classes: 

  • Human Information Behavior and Project Management  
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Science  
  • Instructional Technology and Design  

Students can incorporate classes outside the School of Education to personalize skillsets that make them attractive job candidates.  

For example, Frazier says, “I often encourage students to minor in information technology at the Bryan School. This way, students expand their skills without having to extend their timeline to graduation.”

What makes UNCG’s program stand out? 

Unique in NC: UNCG’s IS program is one of just two of its kind in the UNC System. Students have lots of power to personalize their education thanks to the four concentrations.

Bang for your Buck: For those interested in graduate studies, IS provides an accelerated master’s degree within its training and development concentration.

Story by Janet Imrick, University Communications
Photography by David Lee Row and Jenn Smith, University Communications

A student examines a book she took off the UNCG Jackson Library shelves.

Personalize your skillset.


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