Human Development and Family Studies

Sudha Shreeniwas, Ph.D.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Sudha, S., and Morrison, S.D.  (In Press). Marital violence and women’s reproductive health care in Uttar Pradesh, India. Women’s Health Issues
  • Khanna, S.K., Sudha S., Irudaya Rajan S.  (2009) Family-building strategies in urban India: converging demographic trends in two culturally distinct communities Contemporary South Asia , Volume 17 , Issue 2 June 2009 , pages 141 – 158 DOI: 10.1080/09584930902870800
  • Morrison, S.D., Haldeman, L., Sudha, S., Gruber, K.J., & Bailey, R.  (2007) Cultural adaptation resources for food security, nutrition and health in new immigrants in central North Carolina. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 9(2).
  • Sudha, S., Morrison, S.D, & Zhu, L.  (2007). Violence against women, symptom reporting, and treatment for reproductive tract infection in Kerala State, South India. Health Care for Women International 28(3) March 2007
  • Sudha, S., Irudaya Rajan, S., Mutran, E. J., & Sarma, P. S.  (2007). Marital status, family ties, and self-rated health among elderly men and women in South India. Journal of Cross Cultural Gerontology Vol. 21 Nos. 3 and 4 Dec. 2006

Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries

  • Traditions in Transformation: Emerging Son Preference Attitudes Among Nairs of Kerala (2009) in Unwanted Daughters: Gender Discrimination in Modern India Eds.: T.V. Sekher and N. Hatti, Jaipur and New Delhi: Rawat Publications, India.

Manuscripts in Preparation

  • S. Sudha and S. D. Morrison.  How Violence Against Women may Influence Care Seeking for Reproductive Tract Morbidity: Evidence from Northern India resubmitted.
  • S. Sudha and R. B. Karnik.  Shreeniwas, S.   Immigrant adaptation, family relations, and elder care use of older Asian Indians in North Carolina.