Human Development and Family Studies

Gainful Employment Information

For Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Birth through Kindergarten Initial Licensure, a program implemented within the UNCG School of Health and Human Sciences and the UNCG School of Education


CIP code = 19.0708 = Child Care and Support Services Management
OPEID code = 002976 = UNCG
SOC code = 25-2011.00 = Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education
SOC code = 25-2051.00 = Special Education Teachers, Preschool,
SOC code = 25-2052.00 = Special Education Teachers,  Kindergarten, and Elementary School
Credential Level =04

Average Program costs (including tuition, books, and supplies, etc.)

Using the Fall 2014 Distance Tuition and Fee information, the Average Program costs were calculated assuming that the student completes the program in three semesters ($227.50 per hour X 20 credit hours). The estimated Average Program cost for instate students is approximately $4,550 tuition plus $52 fees for all three semesters, and the out-of-state estimated Average Program cost is approximately $18,000 for all three semesters, including fees. This estimate assumes that because LECE graduate students are online, there are no campus fees. Books and materials average about $200 for the whole program.

The following are links to the Occupational Profiles on the Department of Labor O.NET website:

Preschool Teachers Except Special Education

Special Education Teachers, Preschool,

Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten, and Elementary School

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