Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS Newsletter 5-21-13


To augment our last newsletter’s coverage of HDFS participation in the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, two additional contributions were presented.

Parents' Job Dissatisfaction and Adolescent Socioemotional Outcomes

Cheryl Buehler, BridgetWeymouth, and Edward Chia

Mothers' and fathers' job dissatisfaction were examined as predictors of spillover of negative work experiences into family life, ineffective parenting, and adolescent problem behaviors over time. Mothers' and fathers' job dissatisfaction predicted subsequent adolescent problem behaviors via negative work-to-family spillover and ineffective parenting. Fathers' job dissatisfaction and work-to-family spillover also influenced mothers' parenting. This study highlights that mothers' and fathers' negative work experiences have important detrimental implications for their own, each other's, and adolescents' behaviors.

Data-Driven Policy Decisions: Research for Informed Change in North Carolina’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (A Symposium)

Linda Hestenes (Chair), Karen La Paro, Sharon Mims, Danielle Crosby, Catherine Scott-Little, Deborah Cassidy, Richard Faldowski, Steve Hestenes, Bridget Hatfield, Vicki Kintner-Duffy, Yudan Wang, and Joanna Lower

As one of the longest running Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) in the US, North Carolina’s efforts to establish and improve early childhood systems are unique. Over the past 12 years, research has been used extensively to guide decisions related to the QRIS. In this symposium research conducted by diverse individuals across 5 projects illustrated how the QRIS is currently functioning and demonstrated how data are used to inform QRIS policy decisions. Dr. Kelly Maxwell served as the expert discussant and addressed how data from a variety of projects were used by the NC QRIS Advisory Committee to make recommendations for changes in the QRIS, and guided participants in considering next steps for QRISs across the nation.