College of Arts & Sciences Office of Research

The Office of Research


Thomas, Barbara ART Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation Drawing the Real World into Abstraction
Jia, Zhenquan BIO Campbell University Cruciferous Dithiolethiones for Chronic Heart Failure Signaling Mechanisms
Rublee, Parke BIO Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Have pollutants from the Dan River coal ash spill moved into the food web lead to chronic exposure risk
Petersen, Kimberly CHE National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Investigations and Development of Asymmetric Cyclizations Catalyzed by Chiral Brønsted Acids
Legreco, Marianne CST Guilford County Department of Public Health Reaching for Health Equity
Parsons, Anne HIS NCHC Pieces of the Past: The Art of Gwendolyn Magee
Schallhorn, Suzanne PSY The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Interaction of Genome-Wide Methylation Patterns and Transcription Factor Dynamics in Stress and Depression
Touron, Dayna PSY National Institutes of Health (NIH) Reduced Mind Wandering with Aging: Contextual Influences and Everyday Implications
Rogers, Eugene REL Fulbright Foundation How Blood Marks the Bounds of Social Bodies in Abrahamic Religions
Rogers, Eugene REL NSF The Persistence of Blood: How Rhetorics of Blood Fund Religious Resistance to Evolution and Climate Change--And the Problem of Scientific
Westervelt, Saundra SOC Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Restorative Justice Approaches to Ameliorating the Impacts of Wrongful Convictions



Kalcounis-Ruppell, Matina BIO Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Effects of intercropping switchgrass in loblolly pine plantations on rodent populations and acoustic behavior $84,000.00
Oberlies, Nicholas CHE Ohio State University Anticancer agents from Diverse Natural products sources $285,387.00
Oberlies, Nicholas CHE New Chapter, Inc. ITS Barcoding of Mushroom Samples: 4 competitor samples $10,000.00
Stine, Roy GEO Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. GIS Research Internships with Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. $22,632.14
Silvia, Paul PSY US DHHS NIH National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Self-focused attention, self-evaluation, and effort $431,283.00