Tara T. Green
Professor and Director | | Read More

Full-Time Faculty

Omar H. Ali
Associate Professor | African American and Diaspora Studies | Read More

Michael D. Cauthen
Lecturer | mdcauthe@uncg.eduRead More

Sarah Jane Cervenak
Assistant Professor | Joint-Appointment with Women and Gender Studies | Read More

N. Frank Woods
Visiting Assistant Professor | nfwoods@uncg.eduRead More

Affiliated Program Faculty

Shelly Brown-Jeffy
Department of Sociology | Read More

George Dimock
Department of Art | Read More

William Hart
Department of Religious Studies | Read More

Colleen Kriger
Department of History | Read More

Erik M. Hines
Department of Counseling and Educational Development | Read More

Cerise L. Glenn
Department of Communication Studies | Read More

Duane Cyrus
School of Music, Theater, and Dance | Read More

Elizabeth Perril
Department of Art | Read More

Noelle Morrissette
Department of English | Read More

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