AFS Graduate Courses

Students enrolled in the AFS Graduate Certificate Program must take the following core course (3hours):
AFS 610 African American Theoretical Perspectives African American Studies (online course)

Electives (12 hours) :
With the approval of the program advisor, students pursuing the graduate certificate may choose electives from the following graduate-level courses:

AFS 554 Black Populism in the New South (online)
AFS 650 Topics in African American Gender StudiesĀ (online)
AFS 652 Topics in Black Performance Studies (online)
AFS 653 Perspectives on the African American Experience (online)
ART 501 Topics in the History of Art (when relevant)
ART 618 Topics in the History of Art (when relevant)
ENG 650 Modern Literary and Cultural Theory (when relevant)
ENG 663 Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Theory (when relevant)
ENG 705 Cultural Studies (when relevant)
ENG 729 Postcolonial Literatures (when relevant)
ENG 730 Studies in American Literature (when relevant)
ENG 735 Studies in African American Literature
ENG 737 Studies in Multi-Ethnic American Literature (when relevant)
GEO 522 Seminar In Population and Urban Studies (when relevant)
HIS 502 African American History: Selected TopicsĀ 
HIS 520 Southern History: Selected Topics (when relevant)
HIS 546 American Cultural History: Selected Topics (when relevant)
HIS 581 African History
HIS 710 Colloquium in the Atlantic World (when relevant)
HIS 715 Atlantic World: Selected Topics (when relevant)
HIS 712 Slavery in the Americas
HIS 713 African Americans after Slavery
HIS 723 Selected Topics in Nineteenth-Century United States History (when relevant)
MUS 625 Music and Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa
MUS 638 Exploring Musical Cultures (when relevant and with permission)
MUS 663 History of Jazz (when relevant)
PSC 520 The Urban Political System (when relevant)
PSC 620 Urban development Policy (when relevant)
SOC 526 Comparative Minority Relations (when relevant)
SOC 628 Social Movements (when relevant)
SOC 643 Urban Society (when relevant)
SOC 651 Criminology (when relevant)
WGS 650 Feminist Theory: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class (when relevant)
WGS 651 Feminist Research Analysis (when relevant)

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