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SHA Quebec 2014 Logo
SHA 2014 – Quebec
What? Society for Historical Archaeology
Where? Hilton Quebec
Quebec City, Canada
When? January 8-12, 2014
Who? Dr. Stine
Presentations? Rediscovering the Revolutionary and Martinville Landscapes at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park (L Stine)
FOC 2014 logo
FOC 2014 – Columbia, SC
What? Fields of Conflict
Where? South Carolian Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
Columbia, SC
When? March 12-15, 2014
Who? Dr. Linda Stine
Presentations? Terrestrial LiDAR and GPR investigations into the Third Line of Battle at Guilford Courthouse (R Stine, S Curry, L Stine, J Liu, R Burt, C LeBleu, J Turner )
SFAA 2014 logo
SFAA 2014 - Albuquerque
What? The Society for Applied Anthropology
Where? Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
Albuquerque, NM
When? March 18-22, 2014
Who? Dr. Arthur Murphy
Dr. Eric Jones
Presentations? Exploring long term grief and the role of social networks in recovery. (A Murphy, E Jones, D Luque, I Ruiz Love)
AAPA and PS 2014 logo
AAPA and PS 2014 – Calgary
What? American Association of Physical Anthropologists and Paleoanthropology Society
Where? Hyatt Regency Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
When? April 8-12, 2014
Who? Dr. Anemone
Presentations? Testing a predictive model for identifying fossil vertebrate localities in the Eocene of Wyoming. (R Anemone, C Emerson, B Nachman, B Bommersbach)
SAA 2014 logo
SAA 2014 – Austin
What? Society for American Archaeology
Where? Hyatt Austin
Austin, TX
When? April 23-27, 2014
Who? Dr. Donna Nash

House burials or burying houses: Elite Wari mortuary practices at Cerro Baúl, Peru (D Nash)
Wari burial practices at Cerros Baúl and Mejia (R Williams and D Nash)

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