Upcoming Conferences

SAA 2014 logo
SAA 2015 – San Francisco
What? Society for American Archaeology
Where? Hyatt SF Union Square
San Francisco, CA
When? April 15-19, 2015
Who? Dr. Egeland
Dr. Stine

New paleoanthropological research at DK East, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. (C Egeland, A Uberseder, C Fadem, A Mabulla) Geochemical and physical characterization of lithic raw materials in the Olduvai Basin, Tanzania (C Fitzgerald, C Egeland, R Byerly, C Fadem, A Mabulla)
Bringing visitors to State Historic Sites: Remote sensing and hands-on research (L Stine)

SAS logo

SAS 2015 – Athens
What? Southern Anthropological Society
Where? Univ of Georgia Hotel and Conference Center at the Georgia Center
Athens, GA
When? April 9-11, 2015
Who? Dr. Murphy

Dr. Murphy will be presenting the keynote address at the conference, entitlred: Tradition and Change: 50 years of Anthropology in the Southeast.

AAPA 2015 logo
AAPA 2015 – St. Louis
What? American Association of Physical Anthropologists and Paleoanthropology Society
Where? Hilton Ballpark
St Louis, MO
When? March 25-29, 2015
Who? Dr. Anemone and Ashley Bryant (2015)
Presentations? Geospatial paleoanthropology: Predicting and locating new fossil localities with approaches from the spatial sciences (R Anemone, C Emerson, B Nachman, A Bryant, G Conroy)
SFAA 2015 logo
SFAA 2015 - Pittsburgh
What? The Society for Applied Anthropology
Where? Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
Pittsburgh, PA
When? March 24-28, 2015
Who? Dr. Andreatta and Stephanie Brabec (2015)

Food traditions, food access and food identity: Continuity in the face of change (S Andreatta)
La Gastronomia Toledana: An analysis of Spanish foodways and identity in Toledo, Spain .(S. Brabec and S Andreatta)

SHA 2015 Seattle Logo
SHA 2015 – Seattle, WA
What? Society for Historical Archaeology
Where? Marriott Wardman Park and
Omni Shoreham Hotel
When? January 6-11, 2015
Who? Dr. Stine
Presentations? Boundaries in Greensboro's 19th century landscape: Households, Estate lots, and urbanization (L Stine)
AAA Washington 2014 Logo
AAA 2014 – Washington DC
What? American Anthropological Association
Where? Marriott Wardman Park and
Omni Shoreham Hotel
When? December 3-7, 2014
The Age of Sensing
Remote Sensing in Archaeology - Durham, NC
What? Remote Sensing in Archaeology
Where? Marriott Wardman Park and
Omni Shoreham Hotel
When? October 13-15, 2014
Who? Dr. Anemone
Dr. Stine
Presentations? Testing predictive models for paleontological site location in the Eocene of Wyoming (R Anemone, C Emerson, B Nachman)
Terrestrial Lidar and GPR investigations into the third line of battle at Guilford Courthouse (S Curry, L Stine, R Stine, J Nave, J Liu, R Burt, C Lebleu, J Turner)
IPS Hanoi 2014 Logo
IPS 2014 - Hanoi, Vietnam
What? International primatological Society
Where? Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam
When? August 11-16, 2014
Who? Dr. Anemone
Presentations? Predictive models for locating fossil primates based on geospatial methods (R Anemone, C Emerson, B Nachman)
SVP 2014 logo
SVP 2014 - Berlin
What? Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Where? Estrel Convention Center
Berlin, Germany
When? March 12-15, 2014
Who? Dr. Anemone

Geospatial paleontology: Enriching paleontological fieldwork with new approaches from the spatial sciences (R Anemone, C Emerson, G Conroy, B Nachman)
A multi-scale geospatial model for identifying productive fossil localities in the Great Divide Basin, Wyoming (C Emerson, R Anemone)

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