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Elliott Center Gallery

Elliot Center Gallery

The Elliott Center Gallery, located in the Elliot University Center, is administered through a graduate assistantship in the Department of Art. Exhibitions include works by art students and other members of the UNCG community, as well as shows of interest to specific curricula.

Spring 2014 Calendar:
Heroes and Villains
Dexter Morrill
January 13 - February 5
Opening reception - Friday, January 17, 3-5pm
Veterans Potential For Peace: Photographic Explorations of Charles Egerton
Feb 10 - 28
Opening reception - Thursday, February 13, 6-8pm
Characters: Steisha Pintado and Julia Armbruster
March 5 - March 28
Opening reception - Wednesday, March 5, 5-7pm
Elaine Niemi: Painting and Sculpture
April 1 - April 30
Opening reception - Thursday, April 3, 5-7pm
Elizabeth Nicole Spaulding: William Mangum Artistic Merit Award
May 5 - May 30
Opening reception - Thursday, May 8, 4-6pm
Check back in August for our Fall 2014 Schedule
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