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Falk Visiting Artist Program

The Herbert and Louise Falk Visiting Artist Program At The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

In 1982, The Department of Art began the Falk Visiting Artist Program with a generous endowment from Herbert and Louise Falk, two prominent supporters of the fine arts in the Greensboro community. With their generous support, the department has invited over sixty nationally and internationally known painters, performance artists, sculptors, potters, printmakers, photographers, and video and intermedia artists to campus.

The Falk Visiting Artist Program recognizes and supports efforts in the visual arts within national and international communities and strongly believes that our students need to be knowledgeable about art issues and contexts outside of academia.

The Falk Visiting Artist Committee invites you to become fully involved in the campus visits of these artists. Each artist has a featured exhibition of his or her creative works at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. We arrange slide presentations, gallery tours, lunches and dinners for you to attend. Please join us!

Through the auspices of the Herbert and Louise Falk Visiting Endowment, the following artists have visited the University:

Barbara Zucker October Sculpture
Martin Puryear October Sculpture
Alian Kirili October Sculpture
Jud Nelson October Sculpture
Maud Gatewood November Paintings
Ivona Kaz-Jepsen November Art Historian
Martha Mayer Erlecbacher October Paintings and Drawings
Robert Longo November Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings
Valerie Smith February Film
Gerhardt Knodel October Fibers
Susan Mullally Clark February Photography
Laurie simmons February Photography
Gary Burney September Sculpture, Rugs, Drawings
Michael Smith October Paintings, Drawings
Tosika Takaezu February Ceramics
Jonathan Silver February Drawings, Sculpture
Duane Michaels March Photography
Robert Birmelin April Drawings, Paintings
Wayne Kimball September Lithographs
Joan Michaels-Paque November Three-Dimensional Work
Christy Rupp January Sculpture
David Reed February Paintings
Lee Stoliar November Sculpture
Nicholas Wilder March Paintings
Jeremy Gilbert-Wolfe October Paintings
John Hull October Paintings
Eric Levine February Sculpture
James McGarrell April Paintings
Peter Agostini September Drawings
Jeff Joyce October Paints
Liliana Porter January Mixed Media
Ruth Scheur March Fibers
Graham Nickson September Paintings
Susan Chrysler-White October Mixed Media
Colette January Mixed Media
Anne Truitt March Sculpture, Drawings, Paintings
Rackstraw Downes September Paintings
William Tucker January Sculpture
Terry Adkins March Sculpture
Nancy Grossman Fall Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings
Ursula Von Rydingsvard November Sculpture
Grace Hartigan March Paintings
Steve Talasnik April Drawings
Steve Currie November Sculpture
Nigel Rolfe February Photographs, Performance
Jack Levine March Paintings
Mark Lere November Sculpture
John Schlesinger November Photography
John Walker Spring Paintings
Petah Coyne Fall Sculpture
Suzanne McCellan Fall Paintings
Byron Temple Spring Ceramics
John Isherwood Fall Sculpture
Mel Chin Fall Sculpture, Installations
Pat Steir Spring Paintings
Carol Dunham Fall Paintings
Lynda Benglis Spring Sculpture
John Monti Spring Sculpture
David Bunn Fall Intermedia
Richard Ross Fall Photography
Susanna Coffey Spring Paintings
Jose Bedia Fall Paintings
Mary Lucier Fall Intermedia
John Ruppert Spring Sculpture
Claudia Matzko Fall Intermedia
Cathy de Monchaux Fall Sculpture
Jane Hammond Spring Paintings
Pepon Osorio Fall Intermedia
Sally Elesby Fall Paintings
Michael Ray Charles Spring Paintings
James Hyde Fall Mixed Media Paintings
Jeanne Dunning Fall Photography
Anne Chu Spring Installation
John Duff Fall Sculpture
Sugi Kazuaki Fall Sculpture
Simon Lee Fall Sculpture
Coral Lambert Fall Sculpture
Peter Lundberg Fall Sculpture
John Dugg Fall Sculpture
Julie Heffernan Spring Paintings
Dario Robletto Fall Sculpture
Chan Schatz Spring Digital Installation
Denzil Hurley Spring Paintings
Janine Antoni Fall Installation
Lead Pencil Studio Spring Installation
Helen O'Leary Spring Mixed Media
Eve Ascheim Fall Paintings
Ann Gale Spring Paintings
Dike Blair Fall Paintings and Sculpture Installation
Jon Rubin Fall Performance Based Artist
Michael Ashkin Spring Sculpture and Video
Amy Cutler Fall Paintings
Victor Ekpuk Fall Drawings
Judy Pfaff Spring Intermedia
Tom Burckhardt Fall Paintings
Richard Mosse Spring Photography
Fritz Haeg Spring Installation
Catherine Murphy Fall Painting
Liz Miller Fall Installation
Yoshua Okon Spring Installation
Annie Lapin Fall Painting
Jiha Moon Spring Painting
Lesley Dill Fall Sculpture
Craig Hood Spring Painting
Mary Panzer Spring Art Historian
Peter Campus Fall Mixed Media
Rosemarie Fiore Spring Painter
Hamlett Dobbins Spring Mixed Media
Hank Willis Thomas Fall Mixed Media
Danica Phelps Spring Mixed Media
Stacey Davidson Spring Painter, Photographer
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