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Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition is held at the Weatherspoon Art Museum each May. The Exhibition Open begins with a panel discussion of their work by tthe graduating class.

After passing candidacy, thesis works involves developing a body of Visual Art along with a supporting written thesis paper. Students are eligible to sign up for two semester hours of thesis work (ART 699). The two hours of credit will be awarded by the student's thesis chair. To receive credit, students must:

  1. Please see document: Important information regarding the constitution of Thesis Committees
  2. Meet at least twice with this committee during the fall semester and four times during the spring semester;
  3. Begin writing a thesis paper in the fall semester to be completed in the spring semester;
  4. Start developing a body of work in preparation for the final thesis exhibition.

During the final semester students are eligible to sign up for four additional hours of thesis work. To receive credit students must complete the following:

  1. Meet at least four times with the thesis committee;
  2. Final thesis paper approved and electronically submitted to the Graduate School;
  3. All forms completed and signed by appropriate members of the faculty;
  4. Completion of 60 semester hours or more in the MFA program;
  5. Body of work chosen by the graduate student in consort with the thesis committee and Weatherspoon Curator for Exhibitions (exhibition coordinated and mounted by Weatherspoon staff in cooperation with candidate);
  6. All comprehensives successfully completed;
  7. All outstanding fees paid;
  8. Studio is inspected and vacated – all keys turned in to Art Department office.

Art Department policy states that there is a minimum of five pages of typewritten, double-spaced text in a final thesis paper. Also, two CDs containing images taken of the thesis work are required. One set will be retained by the Department of Art and the other will be submitted to the Graduate School. Please note all Graduate School deadlines. Copies of previous MFA graduate theses are located in the Jackson Library. You are welcome to look at them as examples.

Writing support provided by:

  1. UNCG Writing Center
  2. Important Information Regarding the Constitution of Thesis Committees
  3. Guidelines on Thesis Paper Writing by Richard Gantt
  4. Common Misconceptions About Writing
  5. UNCG Guide for Preparation of Theses and Dissertations


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