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Thesis Committee

The Constitution of Thesis Committees

  1. The thesis chair and the student consult together on the remaining members of the committee.
  2. The Department Head and the Director of Graduate Studies will review the membership of the Committee before the student begins thesis work.
  3. The Committee should consist of four to five faculty members who hold graduate status in the program. Part time faculty do not serve on thesis committees. One member of the Committee should be a studio faculty member who teaches in the same discipline as the student's studio pursuit. One other member should be an art historian. It is optional for the student to select a faculty member from another department or school on campus. This faculty member should be pursuing scholarly or research work that relates to the student's field of interest.
  4. Thesis chairs can be selected from the studio art, or art history faculty.
  5. The thesis chair in consultation with the student should arrange two thesis committee meetings in the first semester of the final year of study. A comprehensive schedule to include thesis meetings (a minimum of four), and all relevant dates leading to graduation should be completed by the beginning of the student's last semester. A copy of this schedule will be submitted to the Head of the Art Department and a copy will be made for the student's permanent file.
  6. Service on thesis committees should be limited to four per faculty member.
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