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Safety Guidelines: Digital

  1. Food and drink are not allowed in the digital lab. Crumbs and liquids do not mix with keyboards and other delicate electronics.
  2. Use only the power sources provided by the lab. Extension cords and powerstrips brought in from the outside are prohibited.


*To avoid potential physical problems when using computers, follow these suggestions:

  1. When you use a keyboard and mouse or trackpad, your shoulders should be relaxed. Your upper arm and forearm should form an angle that is slightly greater than a right angle, with your wrists and hands in roughly a straight line.
  2. Use a light touch, and keep your hands and fingers relaxed. Do not allow your thumbs to roll under your palms. Do not rest your forearms on a hard surface: this can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome. Use a gel pad under your wrist.
  3. Change hand positions often to avoid fatigue. Take frequent short breaks (get up and walk around) to avoid discomfort or injury to your hands, wrists, arms, back, or neck. If you begin to develop chronic pain in any of these areas, seek medical advice.
  4. Use an adjustable chair, and adjust it so your thighs are horizontal and feet flat on the floor. The back of the chair should support your lower back-the lumbar spine. If you have to raise the chair so your forearms and hands are at the proper angle but your feet are no longer flat on the floor, get an adjustable footrest.
  5. If you use a mouse, position it at the same height as the keyboard and within a comfortable reach. Do not overreach.
  6. Adjust the display angle to minimize glare and reflections. The plane of the display should be parallel to the plane of your face, when your head is held in a relaxed position. Avoid having to look up at the display: If you find yourself getting a stiff neck, you are holding your head incorrectly.

See the UNCG Health and Safety Manual online from a campus computer at for more information.

*From Apple Computer, Inc.:

For further reference, see: and

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