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Summer Internship Program

You can help our students with their career development and help build brand awareness of your company by getting involved!

imageGain visibility to the talent you need by conducting an information session, serving on a career panel, and/or giving students feedback on their interviewing skills in our employer mock interview program.

Please contact Darlene Broadhurst at for more information on how to participate in any of the opportunities listed below. If there are other ways you would like to be involved, we welcome your suggestions.

Company Spotlight Series: Each academic year, we invite 6-8 companies to come to campus to speak to our graduate students about the following: job and internship opportunities; the culture, mission, and values of the company; qualifications the company is seeking in candidates; etc. This is a great way to brand your company in the minds of our students, and make some connections with our quality students for future hiring needs.

Employer Mock Interviews: Early in the spring semester, we organize an Employer Mock Interview Week specifically for our graduate students. We recruit Bryan alumni, HR professionals, and other business leaders to facilitate the mock interviews and provide students with valuable feedback about their interviewing skills, including their appearance, body language, communication skills, etc. Gaining practice with behavioral based interviewing is particularly helpful to students. The goal is for students to gain more confidence with their interviewing skills so they will be better prepared for future interviews.

Various Career Related Events & Workshops: Each academic year we organize events and workshops that are focused on various career related topics, such as interviewing, negotiation skills, effective resume writing, career management tips for international students, networking, etc. We are also interested in organizing events focused on careers within a specific industry or field, such as careers in finance, careers in marketing, careers in healthcare, etc. We are always looking for business professionals who can share their expertise in these areas. If you have a topic that you would be interested in presenting on, please let us know.

imageInformational Interviews: One of the best ways to get involved with the Bryan School and connect with our students is by participating in informational interviews. An informational interview is an opportunity for a student to spend time (usually 30-60 minutes) with a professional who is working in a career field of interest. By talking with someone who works in the field, students will gain practical career advice and learn about the day to day work life of someone in that field. The primary purpose of the informational interview is to gather information and begin building relationships with business professionals. For the professional, the informational interview provides an opportunity for you to share your expertise and connect with students who you may have an interest in hiring in the future. If you would be willing to serve as a contact for informational interviews, please contact us.

Recruiting for Internships: Bryan graduate students seek internships throughout the academic year and the summer. However, students enrolled in our full-time MBA program primarily seek internships during the summer after their first year in the program, and some continue with their internships during their second year in the program. For more information about recruiting interns, click here.

Recruiting for Full-Time Employment: If you are seeking high quality students for your full-time hiring needs, please keep us informed of opportunities with your company. Students enrolled in our full-time MBA program are available for full-time opportunities in late-April/May. Students enrolled in our evening part-time MBA program, as well as students enrolled in the MS in Information Technology & Management program, seek full-time opportunities at various times throughout the year. We encourage you to begin recruiting early to identify the best candidates for your opportunities. Please contact us about your hiring needs at any time during the year, and we will be sure to make the job information available to our students. For information on posting full-time jobs on SpartanCareers, click here.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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