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Leslie McNeil


Name: Leslie McNeill

Graduation Date: May 2007
Internship(s) Held During MBA Program: Intern, Wachovia Bank, Charlotte, NC

Current Employer: BB&T, Winston-Salem, NC

Current Job Title: Business Services Officer


Leslie graduated in May of 2007 from the MBA Daytime program after completing an internship with Wachovia Bank during the summer of 2006. She is currently working at BB&T as a Business Services Officer.

"Do what you have to do today; so you can do what you want to do tomorrow."

What would you say was the most useful information you received from Graduate Career Services?

I leaned that jobs aren’t waiting around, so it is important to improve and get your name out as much as possible. Also, NETWORK! How many times do we hear this word? “It isn’t what you know, it is who you know”.

I interned with Wachovia Bank, N.A. for 10 weeks in Charlotte, NC. I worked in the Fixed Income Documentation, Derivatives Group. Essentially, I was to call clients who had engaged in derivative deals with Wachovia and who still had outstanding documents needed for closing and auditing purposes.

I loved the banking industry. There are so many different positions and roles with financial companies; that it is easy to make a lifelong career in this industry. Finding the right company, and your niche, can lead to a fulfilling and successful career. The industry itself is so highly involved with the market and economy; therefore, it will always be a necessity for consumers to demand its products and services.

My internship made me much more aware of the qualities needed to be employed in the financial industry. It also helped to build my resume, and make me more familiar and experienced in the professional world. I learned that those who succeed in life are those that pay attention to their environment, learn from it, and grow. Improving processes and developing creativity is encouraged, and rewarded.

As far as the searches for the internship and my current job are concerned, utilizing SpartanTrak and my advising counselor Darlene Broadhurst are the ONLY reasons I arrived where I am today.
All the resources are there…USE THEM!

I conducted many informational interviews to “get a feel” for the different industries and occupations. One thing I learned was to get a mentor. My mentor was a lender with Wachovia, and he really helped me learn how to make myself more appealing for a job in the industry.

What career related tips or advice would you give to other graduate students or prospective students?

Take advantage of your opportunities and count your blessings. So many people would kill to obtain a college graduate degree. You are already so fortunate to be here, so be appreciative and make the best out of your collegiate career. Utilize your resources, because Career Services is there FOR YOU. Remember, hard work pays off.

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