Journal of Global Information Technology Management (J G I T M)

The leading journal on global information technology management and an authoritative source



The mission of the Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM) is to continue to be the premier journal on Global Information Technology Management. It is a refereed international journal that is supported by Global IT scholars from all over the world. JGITM will publish articles and reports related to all aspects of the application of information technology for international business. For example, it will report on information resource management, managerial and organizational concerns, and innovative applications related to global IT. Very important to the journal is its emphasis on quality and relevance. 

Besides quality work, at a minimum each submitted article should have the following three components:  an MIS topic, an international orientation (e.g., cross cultural studies or strong international implications), and strong evidence (e.g., survey data, case studies, secondary data, etc.).

Furthermore, the journal will disseminate this knowledge to researchers, practitioners, academicians, and educators all over the world on a timely basis. Finally, the journal is international in all respects: content, article authorship, readership, and the editorial board.




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