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Working Papers

“Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity” (with Patrick McAlvanah). Revision coming soon.

“Is Universal Health Care in Brazil Really Universal?” (with Guido Cataife). Under review.

“Competing with Costco and Sam's Club: Warehouse Club Entry and Grocery Prices” (with Art Carden). Under review.

The Heterogeneity of the Cigarette Price Effect on Body Mass Index (with George Wehby). Under review


Published/Forthcoming Papers

“A Silver Lining? The Connection Between Gasoline Prices and Obesity.” Forthcoming, Economic Inquiry.

“Repairing a Mortgage Crisis: HOLC Lending and its Impact on Local Housing Markets” (with Ken Snowden). Journal of Economic History, 2011, 71(2): 307-337.

“Does Procedure Profitability Impact Whether an Outpatient Surgery is Performed at an Ambulatory Surgery Center or Hospital?” (with Michael Plotzke). Health Economics, 2011, 20(7): 817-830.

“Supersizing Supercenters? The Impact of Walmart Supercenters on Body Mass Index and Obesity” (with Art Carden). Journal of Urban Economics, 2011, 69(2): 165-181.

“Does Competition from Ambulatory Surgical Centers Affect Hospital Surgical Output?” (with Michael Plotzke). Journal of Health Economics, 2010, 29(5): 765-773.

“Painting the Town Red? Wal-Mart and Values” (with Art Carden and Jeremy Meiners). Business and Politics, 2009, 11(2), Article 4.

“Longer Hours and Larger Waistlines: The Relationship Between Work Hours and Obesity.” Forum for Health Economics and Policy, 2009, 12(2), Article 5.

“Rising Cigarette Prices and Rising Obesity: Coincidence or Unintended Consequence?” Journal of Health Economics, 2009, 28(4): 781-798.

“Wal-Mart, Leisure, and Culture” (with Art Carden). Contemporary Economic Policy, 2009, 27(4): 450-461.

“Does Wal-Mart Reduce Social Capital?” (with Art Carden and Jeremy Meiners). Public Choice, 2009, 138(1): 109-136.

“Tax Incentives and the Decision to Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance” (with Daifeng He). Journal of Public Economics, 2009, 93(2): 296-310.



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