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Université Jean Moulin III

There is one Bryan School Partner in France: The Université Jean Moulin III in Lyon.

Students who go to Lyon III to study have two options:

  • Mainstream with French students and take business coursework taught in French.
  • Take courses taught in English for International Students (i.e. the SELF program)

To do the first option, students must have a minimum mastery of French at the 204 level. If students want to do this option, they would need to study for a full academic year, or a spring semester.

To do the second option, students do not need any prior French coursework although it is very helpful to have had FRE 101 or high school French.

In this program, students arrive in France and take a 2-week intensive French course before the regular semester begins. They then continue taking French throughout the semester one class meeting per week.

Other courses taught in the SELF program include:

Advertising MKT 000
Business Marketing MKT 320
Contemporary Indian Society INS 233A, GN
Corporate Finance FIN 315
Cross-cultural Management MGT 354
Environmental Issues GNS
European Business Law INS 233, MGT 000
European Economics ECO 300
European Politics INS 233, PSC 000
French Language meets FORLNG for BUS
French Thought Today PHI 000, GPR
Human Resources MGT 313
International Marketing MKT 426
Managing Global Business MGT 301
Marketing MKT 320
Organizational Behavior MGT 312
Performance Appraisal MGT-HR 000
Sales Force Management MKT 327
Sales Techniques MKT 327
Selling and Sales Management MKT 327
Service Marketing MKT 000
Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth ENG 000, GLT
Surrealism ENG 000, GLT
Techniques of Communication CST 000


City Info: Lyon View

  • Lyon is in southern France , about 2 hours from Paris on the "fast" train.
  • You can take a train from Paris and it will take you directly to Lyon. The metro is in the train station. You can walk from the train to the metro and 2 stops later you are at the school.
  • Lyon is the second-largest city in France, although it is far behind Paris in population.
  • The main industries in Lyon have been textiles and furniture.
ELIGIBILITY: GPA of 2.75; English programs are available
COURSES: Curriculum: Law, Humanities or Business
CREDIT: Up to 18 semester hrs. per semester
COST: UNCG tuition and fees; room and board paid to Lyon
HOUSING: Resident Halls, student cafeteria
DATES: One Semester or Full Year

Page updated: 10-Aug-2009

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