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There are two Bryan School Partners in Germany:

  1. University of Mannheim
  2. Fachhochschule Rheinland-Pfalz (Worms)

Students who study in Germany have 2 options:

  • Take business courses in German at either school
  • Take German language and general ed. and (limited) business coursework in English in a program in the spring at Mannheim.

Students who choose the first option must have taken German through the 204 level. There is a wide variety of coursework to choose from at both schools in all business discipline areas. Students should be juniors, completed all pre-admit coursework, and have a GPA of 2.75 or better.

In the second option, students can take German language classes along with other coursework that is taught in English. Most of the courses meet GEC requirements. Occasionally, there is a business course in English that will work. This is a great program for second semester sophomores.

Mannheim LogoThe University of Mannheim is part of the Baden Württemberg system of German schools. It is a top university in Germany and offers many graduate and undergraduate level business courses as well as other coursework in areas like engineering, health sciences, etc.


Mannheim is a world-renowned university that draws students from all over Europe . It is centrally located in southern Germany and many airlines fly there directly from the U.S.

Lauded as Germany's "Harvard," the University of Mannheim has 11,500 students. Many parts of the university are housed in the Mannheim Castle where you would be studying.

Courses offered at Mannheim include:

Consumer Behavior MKT 424
Deutsch Oberstufe GER 302
Fachsprache BWL Marketing MKT 320
Fachsprache BWL MGT 301
Grundlagen des Marketing MKT 320
Implications for Retailing MKT 326
International Corporate Governance ECO 300
International Marketing and Brand Management MKT 426
Makroökonomik I ECO 202
Markorientierte Unternehmungsführung (Mkt Mgt) MKT 000
Marktbearbeitungsstrategien im Internationalen Management MGT 491
Operations Management SCM 302
Produkt und Preismanagement MKT 000

Jimmy in Mannheim

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate and Graduate: Minimum 2 years college German (204 equivalent) no German language requirement for Spring European Studies program.
COURSES: Business, Economics, German language; Full Curriculum;
CREDIT: Up to 15 semester hrs. per semester (30 hrs. academic year)
COST: UNCG tuition and fees; housing/meals paid in Mannheim (approx. same as UNCG)
HOUSING: On-campus housing or apartment
DATES: Year or semester exchanges available: September-June, September-December, or January-June


Fachhochschule at WormsThe Fachhochschule at Worms is a Vocational Business school. In Germany , this is an institution of higher education where instruction is less based on theory and more practice-oriented than a university is. Only business coursework is taught at Worms.

Students who study in Worms often participate in a MKT course that involves travel to another country to participate in a Marketing competition. In the past, students have gone to Greece , Spain , and Turkey for this course.

Worms is a historical town on the banks of the Rhine River in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz. It was in Worms where, in 1521, Martin Luther stood alone in protest before the emperor and dignitaries of the Catholic Church.

Worms is also the home of the Fachhochschule Rheinland-Pfalz (FH), with almost 4,000 students. Most students study business administration and economics. UNCG students who would like to pursue German language as well as business/economics should consider this program.

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate and Graduate: Minimum 2 years college German (204 equivalent)
COURSES: Business, Economics
CREDIT: Up to 15 semester hrs. per semester (30 hrs. academic year)
COST: UNCG tuition and fees; housing/meals paid in Worms (approx. same as UNCG)
HOUSING: On campus housing or apartment
DATES: Academic year or Spring Semester; September-July, March-July

Page updated: 11-Sep-2009

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