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ITESM Logo Transcript of Video




The Bryan School partner in Mexico is Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), better known as the "Tec de Monterrey."

The Tec is a system of schools with 33 campuses throughout the country. Six of the campuses host exchange students from UNCG:

  1. Monterrey
  2. Toluca
  3. Cuernavaca
  4. Querétaro
  5. Mazatlán
  6. San Luis Potosí
  7. Banks

While each campus offers business coursework, some offer more variety than others. Students have two options in Mexico:

  • Take special courses offered primarily to International students that are taught in English.
  • Mainstream with Mexican students and take courses taught in Spanish.

For the first option, students do not need to know any Spanish. It is helpful to have had SPA 101 or high school Spanish. Each campus teaches select business coursework in English.

For the second option, students should have taken Spanish through the 204 level. This is a great opportunity for International Business majors. Every campus of the Tec provides a wide variety of business coursework, including several of the following classes:

Beach in Mazatlán
Administrative Accounting ACC 202
Advertising MKT 000
Art and Architecture of Mexico GFA
Business Communications MGT 309
Business Spanish FORLNG
Comparative Law PSC 000
Consumer Behavior MKT 424
Doing Business in Mexico MGT 301
Doing Business in the International Environment MGT 301
Financial Management FIN 315
Human Resources MGT 313
Importing and Exporting Operations MKT 426
Intercultural Communications MGT 309
Intermediate Microeconomics ECO 301
International Business Environment MGT 301
International Economics ECO 300
International Marketing MKT 426
International Negotiations MGT 000
International Political Economics ECO 000
International Trade ECO 300
Intro to Marketing MKT 320
Introduction to Mexican Culture GN, GSB
Literature in the 20 th Century GLT
Macroeconomics ECO 202
Management MGT 312
Market Research MKT 422
Mexican Cuisine Elective
Mexican Culture (in Spanish) GN, GSB
Mexican History GHP
Microeconomics ECO 201
Music Appreciation MUS 214, GFA
Negotiation Strategies in Mexico MKT 000
Organizational Behavior MGT 312
Political and International Economics ECO 300
Sales Management MKT 327
Sales Promotion MKT 421
Services Management MKT 000
Small Business Management MGT 470
Sociocultural Values of Latin America GPR

Site Info:

  • There is an International Business Certificate program that is offered at the Monterrey campus. It can be completed in one semester. Sierro de la Silla - Monterrey's Landmark
  • At many of the Tec campuses, students can participate in internships for academic credit.
  • The Tec is the premiere business school in Mexico. Many U.S. companies are aware of its reputation and recruit graduates from the Tec for management positions for their Latin American operations.
  • The Tec offers students many extracurricular activities. Past UNCG students have played on the women's soccer team, joined the mountain climbing club, been a cheerleader, and danced/acted in theatre.

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate and Graduate; college Spanish (204 equivalent) on some campuses
COURSES: Full curriculum; especially strong in business taught in English; Spanish language courses available
CREDIT: Up to 15 semester hrs. per semester (30 hrs. academic year)
COST: UNCG tuition and fees; housing/meals paid in Mexico
HOUSING: On campus, off campus apartment, or home stay
DATES: Year or semester exchanges available: September-May, September-late November, or January-May

Page updated: 10-Sep-2009

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