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Lee LorLee Lor
International Business, studied for an academic year at Yonsei University, Seoul, S. Korea

Although Korea has been highly influenced by China and Japan throughout its history, it has its own unique and interesting identity ranging from language to clothing. Yonsei University is considered one of the top three universities in South Korea. Any Korean student you talk to would love to attend Yonsei or the other two top schools, so it is a privilege to do an exchange program with Yonsei University.

First Impressions:
The first night I arrived in Seoul, the first thing that shocked me was the number of people I saw outside in the middle of the night. They were crossing the street, eating, chatting, or basically standing around doing their own little things. With laws forbidding firearms, South Korea is considered to be one of the safest places. One of the names I heard given to Seoul is “the city that never sleeps.” And it is true: you will find people walking around at four to five o’clock in the morning.

About the University:
Yonsei University’s Underwood International College that has a four-year undergraduate program with all classes taught in English. There is also a Korean language institute that teaches Korean at all levels, beginning with the most basic. It is open to all types of students from around the world and some classes are even taught in other languages.

A Special Event:
One of the events you will be able to experience while studying at Yonsei is the Yo-Ko Jeon event. This event takes place every Fall. It is where Yonsei University and Korea University, two of the top universities in S. Korea, compete in soccer, basketball, baseball, ruby and hockey. With this event, you will surely experience something interesting, and see unbelievable crowds with school spirit!

After two days of competition, an event called kichanori takes place in the evening. Kichanori basically means “train” and takes place in the Sinchon area. Students of both universities hold on to one another’s backs like a train and go around singing the school spirit songs asking for food from restaurant owners! They will sing loudly until they are given free food or drink. The streets are packed with university students—it is a must see!

These are only a few of the interesting things that make Yonsei University a must study abroad choice. The rest will be up to you to find out!!! The events are not the only reasons that make your study at Yonsei worthwhile. The campus itself is breathtaking during Fall and Spring.

Why South Korea?
My stay in Korea has been a dream come true. To sit in my room and hear the passers-by speaking in Korean made me ask myself many times: “is this real?” And indeed, it was. Even though I did some things routinely: wake up, go to class, study and sleep, I could not help but love it there. Every little thing amazed me, from the people to the trash lying on the side of the road. I often went to a coffee shop and just sit and look out. I liked Korea and truly enjoyed my stay there.

Overall, this experience abroad has made me a more well-rounded person, and it has allowed me to see how pretty of a world we live in, so beautiful in fact that everyday I wake up to live is like a dream, yet, magically, I’m living it!!

Page updated: 17-Feb-2009

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