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Atlantic World Lunchtime Colloquia 2016

Everyone has to eat, and scholars and researchers usually like to talk. So the Atlantic World Research Network sponsors lunchtime colloquia to encourage the exchange of ideas around the table.
These lunchtime gatherings bring together 15 or so selected UNCG faculty and graduate students from a variety of disciplines, along with other guests, to enjoy a hearty lunch, thanks to the support of College Dean Tim Johnston, and to share in interdisciplinary conversations about doing Atlantic-World-related research. These conversations are led by fellow UNCG faculty members or by distinguished visiting scholars.
Lunchtime colloquia will meet in 2014-15 on varied weekdays (see below) from 11:45 am-1:30 pm. We usually meet in MHRA 1607, the Research and Partnerships conference room on the first floor of the Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building's research wing. Colloquia will be led by colleagues from varied disciplines, but with a shared purpose: to explore life around the Atlantic Rim in ways that will spark new approaches, provide useful responses to work-in-progress, and reflect on the shared project of transatlantic studies.
As of February 2016, the 2015-16 Colloquium schedule is as follows:




Thursday, March 22, 2016

Democracy and Dictatorship in the Atlantic World since 1900

Fabrice Lehoucq
Professor of Political Science

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

“Errant Modernism” and the Weatherspoon Art Museum’s Pan-American Exhibit

Esther Gabara
E. Blake Byrne Associate Psrofessor of Romance Studies, and Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Duke University

Although each Colloquium will be by invitation and space is limited, you’re welcome to inquire about the availability of spaces on particular dates at

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