Atlantic World Research Network

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Welcome to the UNCG Atlantic World Research Network

In more ways than one, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro stands on the verge of the Atlantic World. Poised in the Piedmont, we look out towards an Atlantic Rim that has shaped our past, enriches our present, and is likely to define our future. Our history and identity have been made largely by the crossing of Atlantic waters, often freely, though sometimes in chains. As the peoples and civilizations of Europe, Africa, and the Americas have encountered, collided, and combined, we have created one of the world’s first truly global cultures—and one that remains hotly contested.

Now, building on the success of UNCG's six Atlantic World Conferences in seven years and its many ongoing Atlantic World initiatives, and supported by Provost David Perrin and Dean of the College Tim Johnston, the Atlantic World Research Network provides leadership in circumatlantic studies not only at UNCG and around our region, but around the Atlantic Rim and beyond. Celebrating UNCG's new membership in The Folger Institute on Capitol Hill, this interdisciplinary network embraces and fosters Atlantic World research, teaching, and creative work across campus - in the Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences, and across the Academic Units: in the Schools of Business, Education, Health and Human Performance, Human Environmental Sciences, Music and Nursing, and in the Library and the Lloyd International Honors College. From sponsored speakers, lunchtime colloquia, and curricular development to graduate student research awards, publications, grant-writing, readings and exhibitions, and international conferences both here and abroad, this new Network brings the Atlantic World home to UNCG, and UNCG around the world.

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