Genetic Counseling Program

Meet our UNCG Genetic Counseling graduates in class years from 2013 back to 2002!


Class of 2013

From left to right: Rebecca Fowler, Erin Eaton, Amy Kendall, Rebecca Okashah, Kati Joseph, Ledare Finley, Anna Wessler,

View Capstone projects for 2013 Class graduates.



Class of 2012

Back Row: Brittney Guerrero, Sara Wienke, Michelle Burch, Meagan Wisenhart

Front Row: Nikki Fleming, Ryan Noss, Courtney Kiss, Julie Jesiolowski

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Class of 2011

Back Row: Mallory Schultz, Amy Furches, Kelly McMahon, Melanie Hardy

Front Row: Dana Faux, Emily Walsh, Michael Osborne, Jessica Bogacik

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Class of 2010


Back Row: Courtney McGuire, Kelly East, Kristen Cornell, Theresa Mihalic

Front Row: Holly Taylor, Alexis Carere, Whitney Cogswell, Brooke Rush

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Class of 2009

Class of 2010

Back Row: Tomi Toler, Lori Carpenter, Angie Anido

Front Row: Ashley Supik, Katie Farmer, Lindsay Presley, Diana Smith, Kate Major

View Capstone projects for 2009 Class graduates.

Class of 2008

Back Row: Jackie Powers, Beth Hudson, Leah Betman, Kate Watson
Front Row: Emily Rettner, Claire Healy, Rachel Mills, Tanya Lehfeldt

View Capstone projects for 2008 Class graduates.

Class of 2007

Class of 2007 at 119 McIver Street Linda Smith, Kacey Platky, Kim Guthrie, Amanda Padro, Amanda Noyes (Gordon),
Larisa Baumanis, Rebecca Crimian, and Shana Merrill

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Class of 2006

Class of  2006

Back Row: Gayle Simpson, Amanda Buglio, Sarah Von Schoch, Alice Tanner, Christy McPhillips
Front Row: Katie Fritinger, Tammy Ader, Melissa Alderdice

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Class of 2005

Class of 2005 in Park

Back row: Jill Polk (Greisbach), Melissa Stillberger, Shannon Morill-Cornelius, Niamh Stover,
Front row: Courtney Rowe-Teeter, Jessica Hooks, Andrea Lewis (Durst), Kelly Schroch

View Capstone projects for 2005 Class graduates.

Class of 2004

Class of 2004

Back row: Shelly Galasinski, Sara (Strack) Halbach, Stephanie Laniewski, Adam Buchanan
Front row: Monica Trout, Vanessa (Rangel) Miller, Rachel Barnett, Ulrika Sandberg Lange

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Class of 2003

Class of 2003 in front of McIver house

Back row: Megan Harlan, Christina Cain Riggelsky, Eddie Williams, Cynthia Lim
Front row: Jennifer Dickerson, Teresa Blake, Tracey Leedom, Heidi Cope, Ashley Simpson Volz

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(This class photo will be updated soon, as one class member is not in this photo.)

Class of 2002

Class of 2002 in Park

Back row: Kristy Lee, Charla Powell, Brook Smith
Front row: Angela Gibson, Randi Culp Stewart, Amy Mottolla, Kelly Gilmore

View Capstone projects for 2002 Class graduates.

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  • "I chose to attend UNCG because of its shared learning environment and the access to some of the leading institutions in the country. "

  • "UNCG is a great fit for me. The program directors have extensive experience in the world of genetic counseling and provide you with opportunities to work with some of the best medical centers in the country.¬†Our location allows us to have expert guest lecturers, many of whom you also get to work alongside or observe in your clinical rotations in your second year. We also have some really wonderful and unique opportunities as a part of this program: we observe in syndrome specific support groups and clinics, tour genetic laboratories, and are matched with a family with a genetic disease to learn what it is like to live with a genetic condition. Finally, our directors are genuinely invested in each of us, and care about our success and getting to know each of us personally."

  • "The director and assistant director do their best to ensure that our program provides a collaborative learning experience.  Both are active members of the Genetic Counseling community and strive to introduce you to all aspects of this field.  We also have renowned clinical sites and the beautiful state of North Carolina at our disposal.”