Human Development and Family Studies

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

How can you participate?

433 Independent Study

  • Minimum GPA:  3.0
  • UNCG Psychology majors only
  • Must be reliable and conscientious
  • Must have already taken PSY 311 (Research Methods)
  • Must have an interest in applying for graduate school


  • Must be reliable, dependable, productive, industrious, & conscientious
  • Anyone with free time, but not enough room for another class credit
  • We can accept undergraduates students (from UNCG or other schools), graduate students, recent grads, etc.

Examples of Projects

  • Data management
  • Independent Video Coding Projects
  • Interviewing children in local schools
  • Filming lab visits
  • Assisting in lab visits
  • One-on-one work with graduate students