Human Development and Family Studies

Selected Recent Publications

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Scott-Little, C., La Paro, K.M., Thomason, A.C., Pianta, R.C., Hamre, B., Downer, J., Burchinal, M.& Howes, C. (accepted).  Implementation of a Course Focused on Language and Literacy       within Teacher-Child Interactions: Instructor and Student Perspectives across Three Institutions of Higher Education. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education.

Hestenes, L., La Paro, K., Scott-Little, C, Chakravarthi, S., Lower, J.K., Cranor, A.,Cassidy, D.J., & Niemeyer, J.  (2009).  Team Teaching in an Early Childhood Interdisciplinary Program: A Decade of Lessons Learned.  Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 30, 172-183.

La Paro, K.M., Hamre, B.K., Locasale-Crouch, J., Pianta, R.C., Bryant, D.M., Early, D.M., Clifford, R.M.,
Barbarin, O., Howes, C., & Burchinal, M. (2009). Quality in kindergarten classrooms: Observational evidence for the need to increase children’s learning opportunities in early education classrooms. Early Education and Development, 20(4), 657-692.

La Paro, K.M., & Siepak, K., & Scott-Little, M.C.  (2009).  Assessing pre-service teacher beliefs about children, discipline, and teaching practices using Q-sort methodology.  Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 30, 22-36.

Thomason, A., & La Paro, K.M. (2009).  Measuring the quality of teacher-child interactions in toddler child care.  Early Education and Development, 20(2), 285-304.


Manuscripts in preparation

La Paro, K.M., Maynard, C., Thomaosn, A.C., & Scott-Little, C.  Using video reflection in teacher preparation: Results from using the CLASS in teacher education.

Thomason, A. C., & La Paro, K.M.  (Revise/Resubmit).  Professional characteristics of early childhood teachers: Relations to teacher-child interactions in toddler and preschool classrooms.

La Paro, K.M., Cassidy, D.J., Lower, J.K., Thomason, A.C., & Kintner, V.L.  Defining quality in early childhood education: A review of the ECERS-R between 2003 and 2008.