Human Development and Family Studies

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Human Development & Family Studies
Policy Regarding Registration for Online Sections of HDFS Courses

Two types of web-based (“WEB”) courses appear on the HDFS class schedule. Classes with footnote 141 are reserved for students in the Online Degree Completion Program* and students enrolled in main campus programs are blocked from registering in these programs by Banner. Main campus students should not attempt to register for courses with footnote 141 and should not request to be signed into these courses. Web-based courses that are not designated for online program students are open to main campus program students.

*Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) currently offers four concentrations (Child & Adolescent Development in the Family, Family Studies, Early Care & Education, Birth through Kindergarten Licensure). All four of these concentrations are offered as traditional on-campus (main campus) programs with required courses always offered in a traditional on-campus format and some courses occasionally offered in a web-based format. HDFS Minors are also considered to be enrolled in a main campus program. Two of the major concentrations (Early Care & Education, Birth through Kindergarten Licensure) are also offered in a completely online format (Online Degree Completion Program) with all required courses offered in a distance format. The Online Degree Completion Program is only offered to students who enter UNCG with an Applied Associates Degree in Early Childhood from a North Carolina Community College.