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Human Development & Family Studies
Questions and Answers Regarding Admission to Web-based Sections of HDFS Courses

The following document provides information about enrolling in online or web-based courses in HDFS. If you are interesting in taking one or more of our online courses please read through this document carefully.

  1. What types of web-based courses are available?


There are two types of web-based (WEB) courses taught in HDFS. These are (a) courses listed as WEB that have a footnote code of 141 and (b) those without such a footnote. The footnote codes are listed in the far left column in UGenie.

  1. What is the meaning of footnote 141?


Classes with footnote 141 are reserved for students in the HDFS Online Degree Completion Program* and students not enrolled in that program are blocked from registering for these courses by Banner. Students who are part of the HDFS main campus program or other UNCG programs (online or main campus) may enroll in web-based courses that do not have the 141 footnote.

  1. Can a student not in the HDFS Online Degree Completion Program ever enroll in a course marked with footnote 141?


Spaces in WEB courses marked with footnote 141 are held for online students until two days prior to the first day of class. If, two days prior to the start of class, there are still available spaces in these classes, students outside of this program may be added to the class by the Online Program Director.

  1. How does a student not enrolled in the HDFS Online Degree Completion Program apply for consideration for one of these spaces?


Complete the application below (docx) and submit it to the HDFS office (248 Stone Building) if you wish to be considered for enrollment in one of the courses with footnote 141. Please note, students who wish to be considered for a space in a footnote 141 courses must provide a compelling justification for why they should be given priority among their peers for these few spaces.  Applications for enrollment(docx) must be reviewed and signed by the student’s advisor.

  1. When will I find out if I have been selected for one of these spaces?


Two days before the start of the class, students who have applied for these spaces will receive an e-mail from the HDFS Online Program Director letting them know if they will be able to enroll in the course and providing students who may enroll the instructions to do so. Please, do not contact anyone in the HDFS department asking for status updates; there will be no decisions made or updates provided until this notification e-mail is sent out.

  1. How many students outside of the HDFS Online Degree Completion Program are typically enrolled in the courses with footnote 141?


Very few spaces in these courses are typically available and many applications to be admitted to these spaces are received. You should assume that you will NOT be admitted to these courses and plan your schedule and financial aid based on this assumption.

  1. Whom can I contact to discuss this application and my need for web-based courses?


You should address questions regarding this process and your plan of study to your advisor. Due to the large number of inquiries received regarding this matter, e-mails on this topic addressed to course instructors; directors of the HDFS Undergraduate Program, Birth through Kindergarten Program, and Online Degree Completion Program; or to the HDFS Chair will not be answered other than to refer students to this webpage. Please work with your advisor to determine the best ways of meeting your needs with respect to on campus and web-based coursework.

  1. How do I find out what web-based classes will be offered in future semesters?


There is no set schedule that guarantees what HDFS classes will be offered in a web-based format during future semesters. As soon as this information is determined, it is posted in UGenie. Please use UGenie to determine course options for the upcoming semester and know that it will be impossible to accurately plan for web-based HDFS coursework beyond that timeframe.

*Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) currently offers four concentrations (Child & Adolescent Development in the Family, Family Studies, Early Care & Education, Birth through Kindergarten Licensure). All four of these concentrations are offered as traditional on-campus (main campus) programs with required courses always offered in a traditional on-campus format and some courses occasionally offered in a web-based format. HDFS Minors are also considered to be enrolled in a main campus program. Two of the major concentrations (Early Care & Education, Birth through Kindergarten Licensure) are also offered in a completely online format (the HDFS Online Degree Completion Program) with all required courses offered in a distance format. The HDFS Online Degree Completion Program is only offered to students who enter UNCG with an Applied Associates Science (AAS) Degree in Early Childhood from a North Carolina Community College.