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Presentations for the web can serve multiple purposes. Among the most common are instructor or guest speaker presentations or lectures. For example, using a headset, instructors can easily narrate their class PowerPoints and post them online. Students can listen to these presentations multiple times to enhance understanding. In hybrid courses, students can listen to presentations outside of class enabling instructors to use in-class time for active learning activities.

Students can also create presentations individually or in groups as part of course projects or upper level seminar presentations. Posted presentations allow for more time for review, reflection, discussion, and feedback.


Technology Options (see tabs above for tutorials)

Tools for Creating/
Free Plug Ins for Viewing
Pros/Cons Comments
Narrated PowerPoint Flash player (usually comes bundled with the browser) Pros
-Many instructors already have PowerPoints lectures.

-Narrated PowerPoint presentations PC may not be viewable on a Mac and vice versa.

-PowerPoint presentations with media can get large.
PC creators convert narrated PPT to Flash. Can be done very quickly. Send file to your HHS ITC with instructions on where you want the presentation posted.

Mac creators export narrated PPT to QuickTime. Send large QuickTime files to HHS ITC for conversion to Flash.

For large files, break presentations into parts.
Keynote (Mac) saved as QuickTime (.mov)
QuickTime Player

-Keynote is a powerful Mac presentation software.
- Presentations can be converted to .mov (QuickTime) for viewing on the web. Cons
-Keynote files with images can be large.
-Users need the free QuickTime player in order to view the file.
If the file is too large for upload or viewing, QuickTime files can be converted to Flash. Send file to your HHS ITC with instructions on where you want the presentation posted.
Photostory 3 (PC, free) saved as Windows Media Format (.wmv)
PC - Windows Media Player.
Mac - Flip4 Mac .

-Easy to learn.
-Can add pictures, music, narration, pan and zoom.
-Can save PPT slides as .gifs and easily import them.
-Good if your presentation incorporates imagery and narrative.
-Not approved for use on UNCG computers.

-Can create on PC only.
-Cannot import PowerPoint animations or transitions.
For slides with animations in which lines of text appear one by one, create separate slides before exporting slides from PowerPoint.

Windows media files can be converted to Flash as well. Send file to your HHS ITC with instructions on where you want the presentation posted.
Jing (free) saved as Flash file (.swf)

Flash player (usually comes bundled with the browser)

-Both PC and Mac versions.
-Capture anything on your screen (great for creating tutorials) and narration.
-2 GB of free storage on Jing.

-Easiest way to post is online where it is public.
-Can be posted in Bb - with help of ITC.
-Five minute limit for each slide show.
-Not approved for use on UNCG computers.
Posting a Jing presentation to Blackboard requires creating a web page and a Flash player to go with the Jing .swf file. Your HHS ITC can do this for you. If you want to post multiple Jing presentations, your HHS ITC can provide a web page template and easy instructions for doing so.

Page updated: 28-Sep-2011

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