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Instructional Technology Tips

Got a question or a tip? Big or small, it will have a place here. Contact Jane Harris and you too will have a spot on this page.

Cropping PDF Pages

If you have received a scanned document that is larger than your preferred print format, it may be possible to resize by cropping the pages, like so:

  1. Open Adobe 6.0 Standard and then open your pdf.
  2. Go to View > Page Layout and select Single Page. (You only have to do this once unless you reset it.)

Do the following for each page in your document:

  1. Go to Document > Pages > Crop.
  2. Use the up arrow for each margin in order to decrease the size of the document. You should see the margins move in the thumbnail as well as in the document behind the Crop Pages dialog box.

Thanks to Renee Newcomer, who asked this question.

PDF Files Open in Photoshop, Not Acrobat Reader

I have heard from several of you who are using Photoshop off the network that when you try to open a pdf, it opens in Photoshop rather than in Acrobat Reader. If you have this problem, do the following:

  1. Click My Documents.
  2. At the top of that window, click Tools and then Folder Options (last on the list).
  3. Choose the File Types tab.
  4. In the Registered File Types box, scroll down and highlight pdf.
  5. Under that, you will see Details for pdf Extension. (If you are having a problem, it will say Opens with Photoshop.)
  6. Click the Change button and highlight Acrobat Reader in the Programs Box.
  7. Click OK and OK again.

Thanks to Al Cody for this information.


Page updated: 28-Sep-2011

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