Beth Lena-Sherman McGee Beth Lena-Sherman McGee
MS Class of 2012
Paula Carr Paula Carr
Class of 1999
Emily Davis Wilson Emily Davis Wilson
Class of 2009
Holly Hampton Christian Holly Hampton Christian
Class of 1997
Christyn Dunning Christyn Dunning
Class of 2011
Kimberlie Wade Kimberlie Wade
MS Class of 2011


Paula Carr Paula Carr
Class of 1999

I arrived in the IARc program with curiosity and eagerness to tap into the imaginations that lay within.  I had no idea that IARc would crack open my mind and teach me a whole new way of thinking like they did.  At moments during first year I remember wondering, “What the heck are these projects really about and are these professors from another planet?”  In fact they were and I found out that the planet of design was home to me as well.  The program was everything I could ever dream it would be in helping me learn to funnel my thoughts into productive means of expression.  IARc was such a supportive environment that encouraged exploration of independent curiosity as well as pushed me to personally grow to find out who I was.  I loved that this program thrived with individuals who were researching ideas out of their own desires and not because it was a requirement.  Schooling before IARc from elementary school on teaches you that there is a right and wrong answer to everything.  IARc taught me that the successes of studies/work are in the process, the thought and the solutions that come about.  Design is a living element that doesn’t have an end but, yet a continuation of evolution and thought.  I am indebted to IARc for taking the rawness that was me and molding it into designer that I now am.

After graduation I set out to do restaurant design as my main focus.  Landing at tvsdesign in Atlanta I have worked on many project types from Restaurants, Retail, Entertainment, Corporate and Cultural Arts.  I have worked on something as small as a joint detail to as large as a six block seven story complex.  Design is design no matter the scale of a project.  IARc equipped me to be able to look at the heart of a space no matter the characteristics.  I enjoy the process, the problem-solving, connecting with the clients/users, and finding ways to create something new. 


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