Beth Lena-Sherman McGee Beth Lena-Sherman McGee
MS Class of 2012
Paula Carr Paula Carr
Class of 1999
Emily Davis Wilson Emily Davis Wilson
Class of 2009
Holly Hampton Christian Holly Hampton Christian
Class of 1997
Christyn Dunning Christyn Dunning
Class of 2011
Kimberlie Wade Kimberlie Wade
MS Class of 2011


Beth Lena-Sherman McGee Beth Lena-Sherman McGee
MS Class of 2012

I attended UNCG from 2010-2012 in the graduate program. My choice to come here was partially due to the wonderful staff that I met on my visit.  The faculty were eager to aid in my obtaining my research goals and throughout the program were a constant form of support and guidance. I have been very glad that I made the decision to select this school and would highly recommend it to other students looking for a program that allows the freedom to explore diverse areas of study and the ability to focus on research within the broader field of interior environments.

I can honestly say that completing a Master’s degree is definitely a team approach. The process of producing the final thesis document can be related to the saying “it takes a village” where everyone ends up having an influence in the final outcome.  That is another strength in this program.  There is support found in all those around you. All the graduate students are able to interact with each other through the flow of shared classes and close proximity to each other’s open work spaces. The passing of information and help with writing among my fellow classmates was a very important part of working through homework and the research process.  The learning environment here becomes a great way to make new friends and press your own abilities to new levels.

The design field is in need of more designers who are seeking to find research supported design decisions that are made to support both the environment and the human inhabitants of the spaces that are being created.  The choice of pursuing an advanced degree in design is an important step in pursuing these ideas as well as being able to contribute to the growing body of research that shows how important this mind set is for the entire built environment industry.  If you have any interest in learning more about how to make your designs the best for the planet and the users of the spaces, then this is where you should be and what you should do.  This program will make you a better designer and will open up new worlds of possibilities.  I am so thankful that I made that decision. 


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