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Optimizing Small Spaces: A New Typology for Living Functions of the Millennial Generation 

Directed by Thomas Lambeth , pp. 131


The Millennial generation, people born roughly between 1982 and 2002, is the next generation of people to grow up and live in their own homes. When Millennials leave college and enter the working world, these young professionals often live in small spaces. With a limited amount of space for living functions of eating, working, relaxing and sleeping, a small space can be a challenge to furnish with traditional furniture. Millennials can also have a strong desire to express themselves and make an impact. There is more of a need for interactive furniture that the users can personalize to create their own space. This thesis investigates cutting–edge contemporary furniture trends of multifunctional and interactive products, as well as thinner, sleeker products. This thesis also studies the characteristics of the Millennial generation and small spaces. Using this knowledge, this designer has developed a line of furniture components that can be assembled by the user to create various furniture pieces. From the product's material to its form and functionality, the products are designed to accommodate a small space and also meet the needs and desires of the Millennial generation.

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