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Post-War Housing as Contemporary Home: A Case Study of Residential Change in the Kirkwood Neighborhood. (2012)

Directed by Hannah Rose Mendoza. 106 pp.


This study analyzed the ways in which homeowners in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Greensboro, NC responded to changing domestic culture through the adaption of their post-World War II homes. I utilized interviews with long-term residents, field notes, and interior documentation to address and analyze the adaptability of post-war houses for contemporary uses. The interviews provided specific data regarding a timeline of alterations made to each house, major remodeling projects or additions that each homeowner undertook, and historical information regarding the house and community. The interior documentation served as a record of interior changes and additions made to the houses that were not expressed specifically in the interviewing process. This study generated an understanding of the patterns in interior design in the sample of post-war houses studied and the cultural implications of those patterns for the homeowners who participated.

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