Sport & Exercise Psychology

UNCG has a premier Sport and Exercise Psychology laboratory, located in the HHP Building, Rm. 247.

Sport and Exercise Psychology Laboratory     The lab houses:

  • Consulting room
  • Biofeedback Alpha Chamber
  • Data processing computers linked to the university network
  • Athletic facilities
  • Office and testing chambers
  • Psychophysiological equipment
  • Qualitative data and survey research center
Our lab is adjacent to the Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology laboratories, facilitating collaborative projects, and is also adjacent to a 6000 sq ft research gymnasium.

Consulting Room  Consulting Room
Consulting Room is equipped with a table, chairs, TV and VCR, and a video camera and microphone. Students and faculty use the room to conduct interviews and consult with athletes.
Alpha Chamber Room  Alpha Chamber Room
Alpha Chamber Room has an alpha chair as well as a TV, VCR, and audio system. The alpha chamber room is used for relaxation and visualization
Computer Lab  Computer Lab
Computer Room of the Sport & Exercise Psychology Lab is well equipped with four computer terminals, three printers, and a scanner.
Computer Lab
Athletic Facilities provide students with the opportunity to do applied work with athletes and coaches in a variety of sports