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UNCG Curriculum and the Study of Foreign Language FAQs

Which Languages do I Have the Opportunity to Study?

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers you the opportunity to study the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. We offer language programs (4 semesters of study) in all the languages previously mentioned. Students who wish to complete their Foreign Language requirement in the Department of LLC, may do so by taking courses at the elementary level (101-102) and intermediate level (203-204) in the language of their choice (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish). We also offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of these languages, literary traditions, and cultures by completing a variety of programs beyond the language programs, including the opportunity to study abroad. Please consult our webpage for further information.

Who Should Take the Language Placement Test?

Students with one or more years of high school French, German, Spanish, or Russian who wish to continue the study of that same language must take the Language Placement Test.  Incoming transfer students returning to the study of French, German, Russian or Spanish, begun in high school but not previously pursued at the college level, must also take the test. Transfer students with Foreign Language credit are encouraged to take the placement test to determine their best starting point.

When should I complete my Foreign Language Requirement?

Students are strongly advised to complete their Foreign Language requirement as early as possible. Advisors should emphasize to students the importance of taking the Language Placement Test and continuing/completing their Foreign Language study in a sequence and without interruptions.

Does my program require the study of a Foreign Language?

College of Arts and Sciences 
Complete intermediate-level proficiency in a Foreign Language through the 204 level.

Bryan School of Business and Economics 
International Business Studies majors must complete 12 credit hours of Foreign Language study through the 204 level, plus 6 credit hours at the 300 level. Please contact the Bryan School for information regarding Foreign Language requirements in other offered programs.

School of Health and Human Performance 
Students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders pursuing the Speech Pathology and Audiology major must complete 6 credit hours of foreign language study through the 102 level.

School of Music 
Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree must complete 6 credit hours of foreign language study, or the equivalent of 101 and 102. The Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance Major requires voice students to complete FRE 101, GER 101 and ITA 101. Students majoring in Music Education with a Choral/General Music Education concentration must complete either FRE 101 or GER 101. No other music major requires Foreign Language study.

What is the Language Placement Test?

The Language Placement Test is a tool to help students begin Foreign Language study at the appropriate college level. The Placement Test is a computerized instrument that provides a general assessment of the student's ability in the area of reading and grammar. It does not include an oral component. The test will take approximately 30 minutes.

How long is the test valid?

Placement Test scores are valid for one year after the test is taken

How many times can it be taken?

The test can only be taken once per year. Once a student has registered for any of the courses in a language program, he/she cannot take the placement test again. The Placement Test cannot be used as a tool to place out of any course in the language program sequence. Once a student begins the lower-level sequence (101-204/241) at UNCG, the Placement Test cannot be (re)taken in order to place out of any remaining courses in the sequence.

When is the test available?

The test is administered at SOAR orientation sessions during the summer and before the beginning of each semester and may also be taken during the year on an individual basis, by appointment, in the Department of LLC.

What if placement is needed in languages other than French, German, Russian, or Spanish?

Students with one or more years of high school Chinese, Italian, or Japanese, or previous knowledge of the language, must contact the course instructor to arrange for an interview before registering for courses in these languages.

What if I place into the Interview Stage level and wish to continue study of the language?

A student who scores at the Interview Stage level and is planning to continue at the 300 level must consult the Director of Undergraduate Study for French, German, Russian, or Spanish (or another designated faculty member) before registering for other courses in the language. The advisor will interview the student in order to determine his or her placement at the 300 level or recommend courses at the intermediate level to reinforce the studentÕs background in the language.

What if I place into the Interview Stage level in Spanish and wish to continue study of the language?

Additionally, students in Spanish who reach or go beyond the Interview Stage level on the computerized Spanish Placement Test will complete an additional Advanced Spanish Placement Test. This two-part test will assist us with placement in the appropriate course level and/or granting of credit for a class by examination. Part I will be administered to students during the SOAR orientation. All students interested in pursuing further study of Spanish, should complete Part I. Upon completion of Part I during the SOAR orientation session, students will turn in their responses to our LLC representatives at SOAR. Part I (Questionnaire) consists of a brief 10-question survey to help identify Spanish heritage language learners. Remember, Spanish heritage language learners are individuals who grew up in contact with Spanish at home or in their communities. They can sometimes understand Spanish but cannot speak it or they can speak it but want to develop their writing skills. Specially designed heritage language courses can build upon the linguistic skills that these learners already bring to the classroom, while increasing their confidence in Spanish and establishing connections to their heritage culture. In the department, we encourage these students to take SPA 302. Part II (Essay) will be administered by appointment in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Spanish heritage language learners will go to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at their earliest convenience to complete Part II (Essay portion) of the Advanced Spanish Placement Test and for further consultation and registration. Final decisions about the appropriate course level will be made after completion of the essay.Please remember that all students will need departmental permission to register for any of the courses at the major level. Students who are not Spanish heritage language learners normally start the major taking SPA 301 (the bridge course into the major). Any student with a very advanced level of Spanish is welcomed to contact the Department and request to complete Part II (Essay) to determine the appropriate placement level.

What if I score at the Interview Stage level on my Placement Test and do not wish to continue study of the language?

If a student who scores at the Interview Stage level does not plan to continue language study, the Department of LLC will confirm the student's Placement Test scores with the University Registrar's Office and the student will be considered to have met the Foreign Language requirement. 
It is, however, the student's responsibility to make sure that his/her transcripts reflect this fact.

For students who may need additional support in order to complete their Foreign Language requirement:

Modified Foreign Language Program in Spanish At-risk students may qualify for this program. Registration in the program requires written permission. For further information please visit:

Foreign Language Appeal 
Petition for substitution of the Foreign Language requirement will be considered only in the most exceptional circumstances, when an otherwise qualified student has submitted evidence that the Modified Foreign Language Program in Spanish cannot provide appropriate accommodations for his or her disability or language-learning difficulty. In very rare cases a substitution for the 203 and/or 204 level of a Foreign Language may be considered. Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center, CASA, (336) 334-4361 for information.

Other available services to our students:

Free language tutoring in French, German, and Spanish is provided by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Sign-up sheets are posted on the door of MHRA 2317. Tutoring is on a first come, first serve basis.Language tutoring is additionally offered through Student Support Services (SSS), located in McIver 110, and the Learning Assistance Center (LAC), in McIver 104. We offer a summer study abroad program in Madrid, Spain, and in Angers, France.

For further information or to schedule a placement test, please contact the LLC administrative office, preferably by phone, (336) 334-5655, or drop by MHRA 2321 to schedule an appt.


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