Office of Academic Outreach

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Health Studies Concentration

Degree Requirements

Including School of Health and Human Sciences General Education Core Requirements*

University Residency and GPA Minimum Requirements

  • 122 Total Semester Credits:
    • Accepted transfer credit (only 64 can be transferred from a community college) + courses completed at UNCG.
  • 31 Semester Credits from UNCG:
    • Minimum 12 s.h. toward any major and 9 s.h. toward any minor.
  • 36 Semester Credits at 300 Level or Above.
    • (HEA courses will meet this requirement)
  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA: Minimum GPA for Public Health Major

PHE Health Studies Concentration: 48 Semester Hours

  • PHE Health Studies Required Courses
    • These courses should be taken in the first semester(s) of the program:
      • HEA 201: Personal Health (Fall and Summer)
      • HEA 308: Introduction to Public Health (Fall)
    • The following courses are required and should be completed next:
      • HEA 207: International Health (Spring) includes WI and GN marker.
      • HEA 260: Human Sexuality (Fall and Summer)
      • HEA 310: Emotional Health (Spring and Summer)
      • HEA 314: Disease Processes (Spring)
      • HEA 315: Epidemiology (Fall)
      • HEA 316: Environmental Health (Spring)
      • HEA 325: Public Health Data Analysis (Fall)
      • HEA 331: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (Spring and Summer)
      • HEA 412: Community Health Organizations (Fall)
    • PHE Senior Seminar:
    • To be taken in the final semester of the PHE Health Studies Concentration
      • HEA 490: Seminar (Spring): includes SI marker.
  • PHE Health Studies Electives
    • Students are required to complete 12 s.h. of HEA electives (electives rotate each semeseter):
      • HEA 313: Medical Terminology for the Public Health Professional
      • HEA 333: Health of Women
      • HEA 450: Minority Health
      • HEA 450: Worksite Wellness
      • HEA 450: Wellness and Weight Management
      • HEA 470: Adolescent Health

*School of Health and Human Sciences General Education Core Requirements (GEC)

  • GFA: Fine Arts
  • GLT: Literature
  • GPR: Philosophical, Religious, & Ethical Perspectives
  • HFA: Choice Humanities (Lit, Fine Arts, or Philosophy/Religion/Ethics)
  • GHP: History
  • GMT: Mathematics:
    • Note: Must be MAT 115 (College Algebra) or higher for major requirements
  • GNS: Life Science: 2 courses.
    • Note: Must be BIO 111 (Principles of Biology I) for major requirements
    • Note: Must be NTR 213 (Introductory Nutrition) for major requirements
  • LAB (GNSL): Science Lab, to accompany GLS or GPS: 1 laboratory.
  • GRD1: Reasoning and Discourse: ENG 101 or Equivalent
  • GRD2: Reasoning and Discourse: 1 course.
    • Note: Must be CST 105 or CST 341 for major requirements
  • GSB: Social & Behavioral Sciences:
    • Note: Must be PSY 121 or SOC 101 for major requirements
Markers (may be combined with courses above):
  • GLOB1: Global Nonwestern (GN): 1 course (HEA 207)
  • GLOB2: Global (GL or GN): 3 courses
  • SI: Speaking Intensive: 2 courses (1 must be in PHE major - HEA 490)
  • WI: Writing Intensive: 2 courses (1 must be in PHE major - HEA 207)

Your Degree Evaluation* will show which of these degree requirements you have met.

* If you took UNCG courses prior to Fall 2001, or if you have transfer credit that was accepted prior to Fall 2001, the CAPP evaluation will not accurately distribute your coursework into the appropriate degree requirements. You will need to request one paper degree audit per academic year by filling out this online form. Select Health Studies as your major. If you will not be able to pick up the audit at UNCG, place the words "Please mail" and your mailing address in the Comments box.