Department of Public Health Education

Daniel L. Bibeau, PhD
Professor and Department Chair

Daniel L. Bibeau, Associate Professor and Department Head
Department of Public Health Education
School of Health and Human Sciences
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
PO Box 26170,
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
(336) 334-3240 (office)
(336) 344-3238 (fax)

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Curriculum Vitae

Education and Employment

I received my undergraduate degree in zoology from Texas A&M University, followed by my Masters degree in health education from A&M in 1976. I received my doctorate in health education form Penn State University in 1984 where my mentors were Drs. Jim Eddy, Dick St. Pierre, and Bob Shute in health education and Drs. John Swisher and Joey Herr (Counseling) and a host of quantitative methodologists from Rural Sociology, Statistics, and Educational Psychology. I have been at UNCG since August 1984. I have moved through the faculty ranks form assistant professor to professor. I served the Department as the director of graduate study for several years, and as Department head for more than 10 years, a post I currently hold. In the past I have worked as a university faculty member, elementary school teacher, marine science research associate, and professional golfer.

Research Interests

My current scholarly interests focus on understanding and reducing or controlling chronic disease risks among adults using a socio-ecological approach to health education and health coaching. Within the area of chronic disease risk reduction I concentrate on reaching adult populations through worksites and primary care medical practices. My current research projects are early in the developmental stages and include:

  • HealthyUNCG, a health promotion program for 2,500 UNCG employees. I am part of a team of faculty members and students that coordinates the program. We are just getting to the point where we will be doing some pilot testing of interventions. We are also offering health risk assessments to UNCG employees to have data to drive program development, giving students "hands on" opportunities to put their growing professional knowledge and skills into action. In addition to its internal mission, HealthyUNCG is planning to expand its services into the North Carolina Triad community, offering new learning and research opportunities to students through community engagement.
  • Collaborating with the Cone Health Family Medicine Center to explore the use of certified health educators who are certified health coaches in the FMC clinic. I am one member of a UNCG team that is composed of faculty members who are certified health coaches, student interns, and the medical director of the FMC and the FMC health educator/coach. We are looking to expand the reach of this innovation so that we can begin to assess the best approaches to help patients and families achieve the health they desire and to help medical practices meet their quality targets under the Affordable Care Act.

In addition to these areas of scholarship, and as a result of being a department head, I am exploring the ways in which organizational and leadership development can lead to more effective institutions of higher education. In this arena, I have been working with a business consultant to explore the links between administration and operations in universities.

I am the immediate past-President and current board member of the Association of Accredited Public Health Programs. AAPHP promotes communication, networking and collaboration among accredited MPH Programs and creates linkages with public and private sector agencies. In particular, AAPHP was developed to facilitate collaborative and consultative opportunities for public health programs with national and international agencies and to work cooperatively with other professional associations.

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