Center for Legislative Studies

Post-Communist and Post-Soviet Parliamentary Indicators

The Center compiles information in tabular form to provide similar comparative materials on a wide range of legislatures. Our current sets of parliamentary indicators concentrate on post-communist and post-soviet countries in the initial decade:

Structural characteristics, electoral and district structure data, and bicameralism attributes are listed in three sets of tables.

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Table I: Structural Profile of Democratic Central European Parliaments [flash] [txt] [csv] [xls] [pdf]
Table II: Electoral Systems of Post-Communist States
A. Central European States [flash] [txt] [csv] [xls] [pdf]
B. Balkan and South-Eastern European States [flash] [txt] [csv] [xls] [pdf]
C. Baltic States [flash] [txt] [csv] [xls] [pdf]
D. Other Former Soviet Union States [flash] [txt] [csv] [xls] [pdf]
Table III: Varieties of Bicameralism: The Other Chambers In Central Europe [flash] [txt] [csv] [xls] [pdf]