Department of Psychology

Message From the Head

Rob Guttentag

What is it that distinguishes UNCG as an institution of higher learning?  The continued growth and success of the university rests, I believe, upon its ability to integrate three seemingly disparate missions:  providing undergraduate students with a challenging high quality educational experience, conducting cutting edge basic research, and actively collaborating with the local and state communities to serve the needs of the citizens of North Carolina.

The activities of faculty and students in the Department of Psychology exemplify some of the ways in which these three missions support and complement each other.  During the past year, for example, our faculty published more than 100 research articles in leading academic publications, made more than 150 presentations at academic conferences, and were awarded almost $2 million in research grants.  Contrary to the common misconception that the time that faculty devote to research subtracts from their attention to teaching, the teaching and research activities of the department’s faculty are best described as being mutually supportive and inseparable.   Thus, virtually all Psychology courses incorporate discussion of research studies conducted by our faculty.  Moreover, undergraduate students are involved in much of the research conducted in the department.   Indeed, during the past year alone more than 120 undergraduate students were members of faculty research labs – an educational opportunity that students consistently rate as being amongst the most valuable of their undergraduate careers.

Robert Guttentag, Ph.D.