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Middle Grades Education Major
with 6-9 Teacher Licensure (MEDU)
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Bachelor of Science
AOS Code: U254
Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level


I General Education Core Requirements (GEC)
See complete GEC requirements and approved course listings for all categories.
Students may select courses for:
Sem hrs
Literature (GLT) 3
Fine Arts (GFA) 3
Philosophical, Religious, Ethical Principles (GPR) 3
One additional GLT, GFA, or GPR course 3
Historical Perspectives on Western Culture (GHP) 3
Mathematics (GMT)


Natural Sciences (GNS)
one must be a laboratory course; each must have a different departmental prefix
Reasoning and Discourse (GRD)
ENG 101 or FMS 115 or RCO 101, and one additional GRD course

Department specifies courses for:

Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)
Required: HDF 303 and PSY 121


II General Education Marker Requirements
See details and courses. It is possible to meet all GE Marker Requirements while completing the GE Core requirements or courses required by the major/concentration.

Students may select courses for: 
Global/Global-Nonwestern Perspectives (GL/GN)
Four (4) courses carrying GL/GN markers; at least one of which must carry the GN marker
One Speaking Intensive (SI) Course
In addition to this SI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second SI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements which is taught as Speaking Intensive.
One Writing Intensive (WI) Course
In addition to this WI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second WI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements which is taught as Writing Intensive.

III Major Requirements (36 semester hours)
Note: students completing AULER rather than General Education Requirements are required to complete two writing intensive courses, one of which must be in the major.

  • CUI 250 (prerequisite for admission to the major)
  • CUI 335, 350, 375, 400, 442, 462
  • Two methods courses to match concentrations (CUI 518, 519, 520)

IV Licensure Requirements
1. PSY 121
2. ELC 381
3. HDF 303
4. HEA 341 or 201

V Second Academic Concentration Requirements
(24-27 semester hours)

Students must complete a coherent course of study of 24-27 semester hours in a basic academic discipline. Depending on the academic discipline selected, a maximum of 6 hours of the second major may be counted toward the General Education Requirements. The following second academic concentrations have been approved for Middle Grades Education:

Biology; Chemistry; Classical Studies; English; Geography; History; Mathematics; Physics; Political Science; Special Programs in Liberal Studies

Any student choosing a social science as a second major must take HIS 347: North Carolina History; an economics course; and a political science course.

Any student choosing a science as a second major must take a course from each of the other two sciences.

VI Additional Concentration (minimum 15 semester hours)
Students also must complete an additional concentration of 15 semester hours in one of four areas: Communication Skills, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies. Specific courses will be approved by the student's advisor to fulfill North Carolina Licensure requirements.

Dual certification in elementary and middle grades education is available under advisement.

VII Electives
Electives sufficient to complete the 122 hours required for the degree. Electives should increase students' knowledge in general education and in a content field (such as psychology or multicultural education).


Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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