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Environmental Studies Program

College of Arts & Sciences

219 Graham Building


Committee Members

Susan Buck, Director, Environmental Studies Program

Susan Andreatta, Department of Anthropology
Bruce Banks, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Keith Howell, Department of Public Health Education
Bruce Kirchoff, Department of Biology
Steve Kroll-Smith, Department of Sociology
Scott Lawrence, Department of Psychology
Mike Lewis, Department of Geography
Bill Markham, Department of Sociology

Environmental studies is an interdisciplinary field fostering understanding of the natural physical and biological setting in which life on Earth exists. It integrates scientific study of ecosystems, pollution, climate, energy, and other environmental and natural resource matters on a global, regional or local scale with cultural and policy-related study of politics, economics, sociology, history, and law.

The Environmental Studies minor is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to topics related to the environment and to provide knowledge and skills to address major environmental issues. Students interested in the minor should work closely with their advisors to ensure that they meet prerequisites for upper division courses. In particular, students planning to take upper division biology courses should register for BIO 111/112 rather than for BIO 105/105L.