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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program

The Graduate School

Program Location: 119 McIver Street


Committee Members

Beth E. Barba, School of Nursing

Anne R. Daniel, Department of Public Health Education

John Dunlosky, Department of Psychology

Michele Haber, Department of Public Health Education

Virginia A. Hinton, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Laurie M. Kennedy-Malone, School of Nursing

Christina O. Lengyel, Department of Nutrition

Jane E. Myers, Department of Counseling and Educational Development

Syble Solomon, The Graduate School

Janice I Wassel, Department of Sociology and Gerontology Program Director

Kathleen Williams, Department of Exercise and Sport Science

A Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in gerontology is offered through The Graduate School. Fifteen credit hours are required. Undergraduate students at UNCG who plan to undertake graduate study at UNCG, and who need no more than 12 semester hours of work to fulfill all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, may enroll in The Graduate School. See “Dual Registration” in The Graduate School Bulletin.