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Department of Political Science

College of Arts & Sciences

237 Graham Building



Ruth DeHoog, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Clotfelter, Crowther, Prysby; Associate Professors Buck, Griffiths, Klase, McAvoy, Meyers; Assistant Professors Cauthen, Holian, Johnson

Political science is the study of the government, politics and policies of the United States and other nations; of levels of government, such as city and state, within those nations; and of relationships among nations. It studies the political behavior, attitudes, and ideas of groups and individuals.

All 100- and 200-level courses are introductions to the study of political science. Beginning students are urged to take any 100- or 200-level course in which they may be interested.

Students seeking electives in political science may select from almost the entire range of offerings. Non-majors are urged to select their electives widely to satisfy individual intellectual interests and are not restricted to 100- and 200-level courses.

Internships and field experiences are available to both majors and non-majors in national government, public administration, and electoral politics.