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Art Courses (ART)

GE Core denotes General Education Core credit;
GE Marker
denotes General Education Marker credit;
CAR denotes College Additional Requirement credit.

Art courses are listed under the following headings: Studio, Art History, Art Education, and Museum Studies.


Courses for Undergraduates

100 Introduction to Art (3:3)

GE Core: GFA

Intensive study of selected works of art with an emphasis on formal analysis and the relationship between art and culture. (Fall & Spring)

101 Survey of Western Art (3:3)

GE Core: GFA

Major artists and periods starting with the ancient world through current times. (Fall & Spring)

102 The Black Atlantic: Cross-Cultural Representations (3:3)

Course interprets visual constructions from the African, African American, and European traditions as they relate to the history of slavery and the colonization of the New World.

103 Survey of Visual Art in Non-Western Traditions (3:3)

GE Core: GFA

GE Marker: GN

A survey of the visual arts in India, China, Japan, Mesoamerica, Africa, and/or the South Pacific. (Fall)

200 History of Western Architecture (3:3)

Architecture in Europe and the U.S.A. from ancient Greece to the present.

201 Ancient Art (3:3)

Art and architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome from the Bronze Age through a.d. 337.

202 Medieval Art (3:3)

Art and architecture of Europe from Early Christian times through the late Gothic period ca. a.d. 1400.

203 Renaissance through Rococo (3:3)

Visual arts of Europe during the Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque, and Rococo periods. (Fall)

204 Modern Art (3:3)

Visual arts in the West from ca. 1790 to the present. (Spring)

210 The Art of Disney (3:3)

Chronological survey of the preproduction and production art of the Disney and Pixar studios with an introduction to the history of the animated film and cartoon. (Fall or Spring)

300 Greek Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or 201

Architecture, sculpture, and vase painting from ca. 1000 b.c. to the end of the Hellenistic period.

301 Early Medieval Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or 202

Early medieval art of the Mediterranean World from ca. a.d. 300 to 1066 including Early Christian, Celtic, Carolingian, and Early Islamic periods.

302 Romanesque Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or 202

Romanesque Art throughout Europe from ca. a.d. 1050 to ca. 1180: architecture, sculpture, manuscript illumination, and mural painting.

303 Gothic Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or 202

Art in Europe from ca. 1160 to ca. 1400: architecture, sculpture, manuscript illumination, and mural painting.

304 Italian Renaissance Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, or 101 and 203, or permission of instructor

Art in Italy from ca. 1300 to ca. 1600; painting, sculpture, architecture. (Fall)

305 Northern Renaissance Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or 203

Art in Europe north of the Alps from ca. 1400 to ca. 1560. Painting and graphic arts emphasized.

306 Baroque Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, or 101 and 203, or permission of instructor

Seventeenth-century art in Europe: painting, sculpture, architecture, and landscape architecture. (Spring)

307 European Art in the Eighteenth Century (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, or 101 and 203, or permission of instructor

A survey of European art media, practice, theory, and issues surrounding patronage during the century.

308 European Art in the Nineteenth Century (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, or 101 and 204, or permission of instructor

Painting, sculpture, and architecture from 1800 to 1900.

309 Architecture in the Twentieth Century (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or 200

The components of style, theory, structure, and material as embodied in the architecture of the century.

310 American Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101

Historical development of art in the United States including the colonial period. Painting and architecture emphasized.

311 Early Twentieth-Century Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, or 101 and 204, or permission of instructor

Painting, sculpture, architecture, and other media from 1900 to World War II.

312 Late Twentieth-Century Art (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, or 101 and 204, or permission of instructor

Traditional and new media in the last half of the century.

313 History of Photography (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101 or permission of instructor

A lecture course in the exploration of the photographic image, how it was produced, how it has evolved, and the work of the photographers who make it an art.

314 African Art (3:3)

GE Marker: GN

African art as one of the great and original world art traditions. Attention will be placed on concepts with stress on the religious and social functions of art. (Spring)

315 History of Printmaking to Digital Imaging (3:3)

Pr. ART 100 or 101

A concise history of printmaking by Dürer, Rembrandt, Callot, Goya, Daumier, and others. Attention will focus on basic principles and how they relate to digital imaging. (Alt)

400 Special Problems, Art History and Criticism (3:3)

Pr. 15 s.h. of art history and criticism and approval of instructor

May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.

Directed program of reading and research.

402 Experimental Course: Art and Urbanization: From World's Fair to Biennale (3:3)

Pr. ART 100, 101, 102, or 103, or permission of instructor

Focusing on world's fairs, private salons, biennales, and life on the street, this course delves into the history of global art worlds: London to Havana, Sao Paolo to Shanghai. (Offered spring '09)

403 Art History Research Seminar (3:3)

Pr. completion of nine (9) s.h. in art history or permission of instructor

Research seminar with discussions, oral and written presentations, and lectures on topics selected by participating students. Students gain subject knowledge, standard research methods, and presentation skills within the discipline.

405 Research Topics in Art History and Museum Studies (3:3)

Pr. 12 s.h. of art history above the 100 level or permission of instructor

Topic-based seminar in art history and museum studies. Students acquire knowledge of current research on the selected topic, undertake related independent research, present findings in oral and written forms. (Spring or Fall)

493 Honors Work (3–6)

Pr. permission of instructor; 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. in the major

May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes.


Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

500 Traditions of Art Criticism (3:3)

Pr. junior standing or graduate status

A study of the major critical traditions from the Italian Renaissance to the present, aiming to define the role of criticism in the production and reception of works of art.

501 Topics in the History of Art (3:3)

Pr. junior standing or graduate status

May be repeated when topic varies.

Special topics in the history of art, ancient to modern.

502 Historiography and Methodology (3:3)

Pr. graduate status in the Art Department, completion of 15 or more undergraduate hours in art history, or written permission of the instructor

Case studies in the development of art history as a discipline and applied practice of methodologies developed for art-historical analysis. (Fall)