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Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Courses (CRS)

GE Core denotes General Education Core credit;
GE Marker
denotes General Education Marker credit;
CAR denotes College Additional Requirement credit.

Courses for Undergraduates

211 Textile Science: From Fiber to Finish (3:3)

Principles of textile science with emphasis on fiber chemical composition, physical structure, and properties; analyses of yarn and fabric structures and properties; and fundamentals of coloration and finishing. (Formerly TDM 211)

221 Culture, Human Behavior, and Clothing (3:3)

GE Core: GSB

GE Marker: GN

Interaction of clothing and textiles with the individual and society: sociological and psychological implications for non-Western cultures. (Formerly TDM 121 and CRS 121)

231 Introduction to Apparel and Consumer Retailing: From Concept to Consumer (3:3)

Interaction of the consumer with apparel, retail, and associated industries. Overview of industry processes from raw material to consumption for apparel and other consumer products. Career opportunities explored. (Formerly TDM 231)

255 Consumer Survival: Coping with Rights and Responsibilities (3:3)

Study of consumers and consumer choices, big and small, right and wrong, in today's complex, ever-changing marketplace. Consumer rights, responsibilities, and diversity considered. Basis for informed and wise consumer decisions.

312 Quality Analysis of Consumer Goods (3:2:3)

Pr. CHE 101 or 103 and CHE 110

Overview of the physical structure and properties of fiber, yarns, fabric, and apparel. Examination and evaluation of ready-to-wear apparel and related consumer goods from a consumer perspective. (Formerly TDM 312)

321 Social Psychology of Dress (3:3)

GE Core: GSB

Pr. grade of C or better in SOC 101 or 341 or PSY 121

Social and cognitive processes related to the meanings people assign to clothing cues when perceiving one another. Focus on appearance-related stereotypes: age, gender, physical attractiveness, status, and ethnicity. (Formerly TDM 321)

331 Professional Development: Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Industries (3:3)

Pr. application and overall minimum GPA of 2.20 required for all concentrations

Pr. for APD concentration: APD 250

Pr. for GARI and RCS concentrations: RCS 361

Guidance and preparation for relevant and successful internship experiences in the major. Emphasis on professional norms and behavior. Examination of processes, content, requirements, and options for self-directed learning opportunities. (Formerly TDM 461)

332 Internship: Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Industries (3–6:35:5)

Pr. 18 s.h. in major; overall GPA of 2.20; application required.

May not be taken concurrently with CRS 331.

Campus-monitored, structured internship experiences in off-campus businesses, minimum 300 supervised clock hours. Application and development of professional skills relevant to the consumer, apparel, and retail industries. (Summer) (Formerly TDM 462)

372 Survey of Historic Costume (3:3)

GE Core: GHP

Survey of historic costume from prehistory to present, with emphasis on social, economic, and political events as well as various cultures that have influenced modern dress. (Formerly TDM 372)

400 Special Problems in Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies (1–4)

Individual study. Conference hours to be arranged. (Formerly TDM 400)

401 Supervised Professional Experience (1–4:0:3–12)

Internship with selected commercial or industrial organizations, public or private agencies in accordance with the major course of study. (TDM 500 prior to fall 2004; TDM 401 during 2004–05)

431 Entrepreneurship in Apparel Retailing and Design (3:3)

Pr. CRS 231 and either BUS 240 or ENT 240

Exploration of issues in entrepreneurship relative to apparel retailing and design and development of skills necessary to establish and maintain a successful business.

463 Global Sourcing of Apparel and Related Consumer Products (3:3)

Pr. grade of C (2.0) or better in CRS 231, 312, 321; junior or senior standing

Sourcing strategies for apparel and related consumer products, global platforms, business and cultural environments, and financial transactions used in conducting business in the international marketplace. (Formerly TDM 463)

481 Contemporary Professional Issues in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (3:3)

Pr. for APD concentration: APD 444 and CRS 463

Pr. for GARI concentration: RCS 464, CRS 463, and IGS 333

Pr. for RCS concentration: RCS 362, 464, 560, and CRS 463

Study of contemporary issues related to consumer, apparel, and retail studies. Application of knowledge and skills to solve real world industry problems. (Formerly TDM 581)

482 Special Problems in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (1–4)

Individual study. Conference hours to be arranged. (Formerly TDM 482)

493 Honors Work (3–6)

Pr. permission of instructor; 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. in the major

May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes.

(Formerly TDM 493)

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

513 Apparel and Related Consumer Products Analysis and Standards (3:3)

Pr. grade of C (2.0) or better in CRS 312 or graduate standing

Process of developing and analyzing product standards as they relate to consumers, industry, and international trade. Analysis of products in relation to existing or proposed standards. (Formerly TDM 513)

530 Economics of the Textile and Apparel Complex (3:3)

Pr. grade of C or better in ECO 201 or its equivalent as determined by the instructor or graduate standing

Economics and social aspects of production, distribution, and utilization of apparel and textiles. (Formerly TDM 530)

582 Problems in Consumer, Apparel, and Reatil Studies (2–6)

Individual study. (Formerly TDM 582)

Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin for additional graduate-level courses.