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Minor in Sport Coaching

Required: minimum of 21 semester hours

AOS Code: U410

The Sport Coaching Minor may be chosen by any degree-seeking UNCG student. To assure practicum placements, students must apply to the Department for approval of their Sport Coaching Minor Plan before completing 15 semester hours of the program. Approved plans for courses and qualifications will reflect the eight domains of sport coaching competence recognized by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education in the publication National Standards for Athletic Coaches, 1995.

Minimum requirements for an acceptable program plan include:

  1. Injuries—Prevention, Care and Management: ESS 353
  2. Risk Management—ESS 477, and a current appropriate student professional or Sport National Governing Body membership
  3. Growth, Development, and Learning—ESS 386, or other approved course (e.g., ESS 381 or RPM 314)
  4. Training: Conditioning and Nutrition—ESS 220 or HEA 201 or NTR 213
  5. Social/Psychological Aspects of Coaching: ESS 330, 388
  6. Skills, Tactics and Strategies: ESS elective (ESS 207, 208, 276) or minimum 1 s.h. intermediate level activity course, or certification in the sport of coaching
  7. Teaching and Administration: ESS 213 or 214 or 301, and 475 (1 s.h.) or specialized credential (e.g., WSI, USTA, USFHA)
  8. Professional Preparation and Development: ESS 477 coaching placement

At the time of placement for ESS 477 Coaching Principles and Practicum, each student must hold current Sport Safety Training or First Aid and CPR (Adult/Child) certification. Students must pass ASEP Coaching Principles with a minimum 80%.