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Supply Chain Management Courses (SCM)

Courses for Undergraduates

302 Operations Management (3:3)

Pr. ECO 250, ISM 280, ACC 202 and either 201 or 218

Survey of the operations functions of organizations with emphasis on design and control decisions. Qualitative and quantitative problem-solving methods used to enhance managerial competence in the operations functions. (Formerly ISM 360)

304 Managing and Organizing Projects (3:3)

Pr. admission to program of study within Bryan School or other professional program approved by the School

An introduction to modern methods for defining, planning, managing, and controlling large projects. Computer software and network modeling are used to support the efficient scheduling of interdependent activities. (Spring)

306 Business Logistics Management (3:3)

Pr. C or better in ISM 280, and admission to an approved program

Microanalysis of logistics and transportation services including customer service, distribution operations, and purchasing. Topics include customer service operations, order processing, facility design and operations, carrier selection, transportation costing and negotiation. (Fall) (Formerly ISM 306)

402 Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3:3)

Pr. C or better in SCM 302, ISM 210, and admission to an approved program

Roles of distribution and materials management in operations. Topics include inventory and distribution management, purchasing, logistics and supply chain management. Appropriate software used to facilitate decision-making. (Fall) (Formerly ISM 402)

432 Supply Chain Management Project (3:3)

Pr. C or better in SCM 306 and 402, and admission to the Department or other approved program

Semester-long project involving Supply Chain Management topics. Activities will include project planning, assessment and implementation planning, application of SCM knowledge and critical thinking to real world problems. (Spring) (Formerly ISM 432)

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