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Services for Students

University Registrar’s Office (180 Mossman)
Web site:

The Office of the University Registrar (336/334-5946) is responsible for the registration of all students, undergraduate and graduate, in academic credit courses offered by the University. Registration is Web-based on the University’s automated student information system, UNCGenie. All aspects of this process, including the preparation of schedule materials, demographic updates, registration scheduling and processing, are handled by this office. In connection with registration, the University Registrar’s Office is also responsible for grade processing at the close of each semester, and maintains the official academic records for all current and former students.

Other services provided by this Office include the following:


The University Registrar’s Office certifies student enrollment to various agencies and institutions upon the student’s written request. Academic honors are also certified by this office.

Change of Address or Name

All University-related mailings access the demographic files maintained by the University Registrar’s Office. A student can update his/her demographic information on the Web by accessing UNCGenie. Presentation of a photo ID and legal document in the University Registrar’s Office is required to process a name change.

Degree Evaluation, Graduation, and Commencement

The University Registrar's Office is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) automated degree audit system. This system facilitates degree monitoring and final degree clearance for undergraduates.

Undergraduate students must apply to the University Registrar’s Office by the semester deadlines published in the University Academic Calendar in order to be certified for graduation. The University Registrar’s Office coordinates all University commencement activities.

Inter-institutional Registration

UNCG students desiring to take courses at one of the Greater Greensboro Consortium schools or one of the North Carolina Inter-institutional schools should obtain a Consortium form from the University Registrar’s Office, 180 Mossman Building.

UNCG students desiring to take an online course through one of the UNC system schools should make this request through The University of North Carolina Online Web site,

Major Changes and Advisor Assignments, Academic Good Standing

The Office coordinates major changes, faculty advisor assignments, academic good standing, tuition surcharge, GEC course substitutions for UNCG courses, and academic renewal.

Summer Session Credits

Although approval to be a visiting student at another college must be obtained from Student Academic Services (SAS) to have the credits transferred to UNCG for degree credits, you must submit an official transcript to the Office of the University Registrar.

Transfer Credit Articulation

The University Registrar’s Office provides transfer credit evaluation for students transferring into the University. Also see Transfer Articulation.

Transcript of Academic Record

The University Registrar’s Office will provide an official UNCG transcript to any student upon written request. Transcript pick-up, mailing, and fax services are available. There is a fee for the issuance of a transcript. Call 336/334-5945 or visit the University Registrar’s Web site for complete instructions about obtaining UNCG transcripts.

University Directory Information

The University Registrar's Office maintains student demographic data and publishes the printed University Directory.

Release of Student Directory Information

Unless a student requests in writing to the contrary, federal law permits the University to release the following types of information to the public without the student’s consent:

Name; mailing, permanent, and e-mail address; telephone number; date of birth; dates of attendance; class (junior, senior, etc.); enrollment status (full-time or part-time); major; anticipated date of graduation; degree(s); honors and awards; county, state, and/or U.S. territory from which the student originally enrolled; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of members of athletic teams; most recent previous educational agency or institution attended.

Suppression of Student Directory Information

Under the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the student has the right to request in writing that the disclosure of this information be withheld from persons outside the University. Please note that this information can only be suppressed from the public, NOT from University officials.

To have address and phone number information suppressed from the printed and Web University Directory and Campus Information, a student must file a form requesting suppression of information with the University Registrar’s Office. The form must be filed by September 1 to avoid having the information appear in the printed Directory, while requests to suppress Web directory information can be made at any time. A request to suppress information must be filed while the student is still enrolled at the University.

Once a student’s information is suppressed, it will not be printed in the Commencement Program upon the student’s graduation, without the student’s written consent. The suppression of information remains in effect until revoked in writing by the student, even after the student is no longer enrolled at the University. Former students may request in writing that earlier suppression requests be revoked.

Parents’ Information

Information concerning parents of students (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is not made available as it is not considered directory information.

Release of Grades and GPA Information

Grades and grade point averages are never released to agencies or persons outside the University without the written consent of the student. Grades and GPA information is not given out over the telephone.

Veterans Services and Certification

Veterans enrollment certification is handled by the University Registrar’s Office.